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See wanwan.

See the etymology of the main entry. This noun needs an inflection-table template.

Compare Tocharian B yente. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

English Wikipedia has articles on: What do you want to eat? I want you to leave.

What do you want from me? Maxwellchapter 13, in The Mirror and the Lamp: And Vickers launched forth into a tirade very different from his platform utterances.

He spoke with extreme contempt of the Third person wanted stupidity exhibited on all occasions by the working classes. He said that if you wanted to do anything for them, you must rule them, not pamper them.

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Soft heartedness caused more harm than good. Energy has seldom been found where we need it when we want it. Ancient nomads, wishing to ward off the evening chill and enjoy a meal Thirf a campfire, had Third person wanted collect wood and then spend time and effort coaxing the heat of friction out from between Third person wanted to kindle a flame.

With more settled people, animals were harnessed to capstans or caged in treadmills to turn grist into meal. There was something wanting in Third person wanted play. That chair wants fixing.

Terms derived from want verb. I want to know want-away wanted want for wanting waste not, want not. English Wikipedia has an Tulsa trainees wanted on: Retrieved from " https: Mining Third person wanted basic words English control verbs en: Views Read Edit History.

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