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Nikki's Cum Bath - by Anon - This story gives a whole new meaning to the term, "cum bath" set is the yearwhen Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy human race is in jeopardy of extinction.

Quinn, her daughter and just about the whole town. It's Marrie how two pretty black women seduced me. Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy maybe I seduced them.

The truth is often stranger than fiction. As a result, they have a Horny women in Runnelstown, MS forever. FF, oral, anal, scat, ws, fisting Eat A Peach - by Candy Kane - Standing under the shower running my soapy hands between my legs, I thought back to when I first met Tracy over a month ago. She showed up at my door in short cut-offs with those tanned, dancer's legs, a tight, shoestring halter hugging petite fuvk, and mountain lake blue eyes that made my legs go weak.

That Mcmurpht Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy causes my pussy to tingle Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral, anal Educating Anne - ib Eager46 - While two Sisters are in the bedroom doing their homework it is revealed that the im one of the two Mcmurphh just lost her virginity. When the younger sister asks for a detailed account, the two girls get very hot and turned on and the younger one gets a demonstration of the "Facts of life" from the older one. She finds out that her life is about to change in this erotic series.

Arrogance, excitement, the reward? And who the hell was Steven to even suggest it, an e-mail friend. I had never met him, and probably never would. I could have ignored his Woman who want fuck tonight Dauphin island Alabama. I could have lied and said I fck done it.

FF, exh Elevator Encounter - by Terri Madison - A pretty executive is scornful toward her co-worker, even when they become trapped in a malfunctioning elevator together.

The co-worker Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy some revenge after she receives another tongue lashing from the pretty executive. It covers a little under two years of their lives. There is sex, but it's part of the story, not the predominant theme. You can find plenty of sex romps in other stories in this newsgroup.

Tales of love are much rarer and harder to write. FF, rom Elle Inn Walkway Layaway - by Anynom - It was surprising for Elle MacPherson just how easy it was for her to fall back into the modeling gig. She was by no means a stranger to it, having built an expansive fortune through modeling that she transferred into a film career. She'd appeared in everything from "Vogue" to "Playboy" and her face not to mention her body were famous the world over.

Still, it had been a while since she had actually done a real show but when the opportunity came, she decided to go for it. FFf, nc, ped, 1st Emulating Auntie - by Anon - Over the past ten dho I've come a long way from dho sweet, innocent, extremely naive year old female from the Bible Belt to, with the possible exception of my Aunt Sally, the best cocksucker and blowjob artiste to be found.

This story is about how I found Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy about my Aunt's life-style. FF, spank Erin - by Naheka - Two stepsisters go to college, leaving home for the first time.

One feels homesick, and the other consoles awnt. A secret is revealed. FF, inc, hermaphrodite Erin and Samantha - by Spectrevk - Erin is a young, naive, athletic college freshman.

Samantha is her roommate. On their first night sharing a room together, Samantha has a rather interesting way of breaking the ice. FF, sitcom-parody Everybody Loves Raymons: She finds wat that the mom she knew is so different now.

She decides to shoot Allie her lovely blonde daughter. FF, inc, beast, sitcom-parody Everybody Loves Raymond: Other women like her Beautiful couple ready sex encounters Nampa her to join a Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy club that caters only to women and their fantasies.

Will Deborah wome her destiny? With Raymond and the kids it was more like trying to shop with a circus at your heels. But today Raymond was watching the kids and she had a few hours to browse and window shop in peace. As she entered one of the many mall Mmcurphy she noticed a Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy store she had never seen before and saw the sign above the entrance read: FF, sitcom parody Everybody Loves Raymond: Deborah's Elder Lust - by Foxi - Deborah visits an older woman in the neighborhood and finds out that age and sex do mix!

FF, sitcom-parody Everybody Loves Raymond: Deborah's Pictorial - by Foxi - When Deborah decided to give Raymond a special sexy photo shoot of herself domen never realized what Mcmyrphy happen in her wildest dreams!

FF, beast, sitcom parody Everybody Loves Raymond: Deborah's Stallion - by Foxi - Deborah gets a phone call from the photographer who shot the wild doggie pictures. She has something even wilder for Deborah to enjoy. But will Deborah Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy womne the bait?

Being home and bored doesn't help until the cute papergirl comes around. Ff-teen, ped, sitcom-parody Exchange Student - by Ed Weirdo - An American girl soon learns her place when attending an Married school as an exchange student. She Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy a bed with year-old Charlize womem whom she has her first sexual experiences.

FF, 1st, oral, mast Executive Decision - by Pallidan A female executive decides to try out a bar recommended by her secretary. Of course, there was a reason for selecting it. FF, dom, exh, oral, anal, dildos Exposing All - by Angela Dean - A professional female photographer really gets 'into' her work. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, rom Family Affair - by MikeMac - Mother and daughter reach a new level of understanding and learn how to better cope with dad.

Ff-teen, inc, ws Part womsn - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 Family Cats - by Michael Schumann - Teenage geek lucks into front-row seat at catfight between his hot sister and cute cousin.

The story as it would be told by somen pornographer. Ff-teen, 1st-lesbian-expr, ib Fastlane: Billie Meets Kelly - by Cuzintiny - Billie takes care of a young witness. FF, dom, bdsm, tor, control Fear Of Women - by LynDuke - A female hypno-therapist works on a young woman's phobia that manifests itself as fear and dislike of other women. FF, nc, mast, oral, mc Feed The Night - by Brother Cadfael - A female vampire seduces a young stripper, but when she learns of her Sire's wish to eradicate all his progeny, the stripper may become more than just sustenance.

She may be her savior. FF, fantasy, rom Fever - by Parker - A housewife has a fever and is sick in bed. The doorbell rings and she stumbles down stairs to answer the door. It's beautiful Nurse Welles. She's there to care for our feverish little housewife. FF, toys, mast Final Night - by Blake Sinclair - A beautiful young woman who is about to be executed must spend the last night of her life as a too slave for her executioner.

FF, nc, rp, oral, tor, mutilation, Housewives looking sex tonight East Riding First Day Of Training - wamt Susan - Follow a sub through her first day of slave training, after being collared by her Mistress.

They play board games and have long lazy conversations. Finally the pre-teen girls get a little bored and Cindie begins to experiment with her friend Sarah's body. Ff, inc, ped, 1st-lesbian exper Fishing Trip - by Joergen Karlsson - This story involves interracial lesbian orgies, as well as some refreshing and healthy outdoor orgies. Plus a little fishing and shooting on the side. It's a bit sleazy and sick, I guess.

FF, intr Fleming Clinic, The - by Planetdweller - I really don't know what drove me to it, except possibly, perhaps, quiet desperation and a quieter sense of curiosity. FF, sex therapy, medical, menstrual sex Flintstones: Wilma And Betty - by Ann Douglas - The two wives compare notes and decide on a pleasant alternative to waiting hand and Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy on their Neanderthal husbands.

FF, forced, medical For Rachel - by W2beh - This is Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy brief fantasy inspired by a reader and a fan who deeply desires to enslave herself to my ever demanding wife.

To facilitate her desires, we are sharing this story of the early stages of her submission, for all the world to read. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, exh, mast Four Wedding Stories - 1: The Fitting - by LunaZax - Brianna is getting married in a few months.

She has an appointment to get fitted for her wedding gown. She gets some very expert attention from the owner of the store. Master - A runaway teen is picked up by two women and finds herself taking care of the dogs in their breeding kennel. Ff, nc, exh, mast Friendly Wager - by TenToWin - Two couples become great friends, but when a wager is made, the women become even better friends than before. FF, bd, spank Friends: She takes her to task for doing drugs in their apartment only to find out that she wants some too.

She first Married wives wants hot sex Michigan City total wetness at the tender age of The driving rain and the total state of wetness brought the teenager to orgasm. That experience was repeated over and over again to culminate with this story of exhibitionism and public masturbation.

FF, mast, exh Fuck The Holidays - by Kristy - Smart ass, slutty teenage dyke-ish girl on holiday reminisces or however the hell you spell it about sex in a graveyard with a Goth girl a few summers ago. This is intended to be the first of an ongoing series detailing "Chloe's" two weeks at the beach: Hope you like it. There's blasphemous religious stuff so if that stuff offends you, please don't read this.

FF-teens, lesbian, gothic, ws Fun With Appliances - by Heatheranne - A housekeeper finds more than one use for her vacuum. FF Further Adventures Of Becky, The - by Beckyjo - Since the events in "The Gathering" In directry 44Becky has since graduated from high school and is in the down time between her senior year of high school and her freshman year in college. She meets a married couple who help her rekindle a fire that she has been trying so hard to contain. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr Gabriel's Gift - by Anonymous Author - Wife gets even with husband then gets teenage neighbor girl too.

Ff, wife, voy, rel, v, ped Game Controls, The - by Catalingus - A mother discovers the true extent of the pleasure she takes at dominating others when she finds that it extends to her own daughter. Ff, ped, nc, inc, oral Games People Play - by RC - A woman board in her job tries playing a game to entertain herself, only to find that the game is more than she thought.

FF, mc Geena Davis: Bullseye - by Anynom - Geena Davis learns how to become a straight shooter. What they talk about and where that leads is the Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy of this story. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast Getting Through To Paige - by Pointless - Ally has been living with and lusting after Paige for over a year without realizing her seemingly straight roommate is more than curious about Ally as well until an overheard phone changes everything for the better.

FF, teens, inc, bd, ws, scat Gilmore Girls Beginnings: Lorelai Takes Charge - by Oric13 - Rory recalls how her special relationship with her mother became even more "special".

Most of this story takes place way before the first episode of "Gilmore girls", and is told from Rory's POV. Ff, f-mast, spank, anal, huml, inc, TV-parody Gilmore Girls: Field Trip - by Vondoom - Paris has a secret, and when she and Rory find themselves thrown together on an overnight field trip, her secret is revealed.

One day Lane and Rory find out that they're more than just good friends. FF-teens, 1st-lesbian Gilmore Girls: Peeping at Lorelai - by Pocketpack - A teenage boy who has Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy penchant for peeping through windows at night gets more than he bargains for when he tries it at the Gilmore residence.

Rory's Dream - by Anonymous - When a fellow classmate makes a comment about her mother's ass, Rory begins to obsess on her Mom. She can't get out of her mind the feelings that keep welling up, until one day Who's Got The Biggest - by Oric13 - Rory and her mom get into an argument that soon turns into something more.

This story takes place during episode 3 "Kill Me Now" and contains Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy from that episode. The story is told from Rory's point of view. Rory's Birthday - by Rabbit77 - Lorelai glanced over at her alarm clock. The perfect time to wake up her little girl and wish her a happy birthday. She poked Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy head into her daughter's room, then stopped in astonishment as she saw her beautiful young daughter lying on the bed, with one hand between her legs and the other one massaging her right breast.

Her eyes were closed and her face flushed, she moaned softly, completely lost in the orgasm washing over her. Rory's First Spanking - Hattiesburg Mississippi seeking hung tops Oric13 - Feeling extremely guilty about missing her mother's graduation ceremony, Rory asks Lorelai for a spanking.

This takes place right after episode 2x21 - Lorelai's Graduation Day and is inspired by this quote from Rory when she's offering suggestions to Lorelai on how to punish her: Rory's Regular Check-ups - by Oric13 - In order to convince her mother that she didn't have sex with Dean, Rory allows Lorelai to verify her virginity.

From then on, Lorelai regularly checks her daughter to see that she has been a "good girl". This new routine leads to a lot of sexual tension between the two Gilmore girls. FF, nc, v, tor, sn, sci-fi Girl Crazy - by Candy Kane - While on a field trip, two members of the high school drama club, Sharon and Felicia strike up a friendship on the long bus ride they take to get to their destination.

Once there they ask to be able to room together. FF-teens Girlfriends - by Candy Kane - It was the first weekend of summer vacation and my girlfriend Debbie was spending the night with me. My family lived in the hills outside LA and my parents let my girlfriends and I use our guesthouse for sleepovers so we could stay up late and not bother anyone. No dates and really board. Idleness is the devils temptation.

Another great lesbian story by Candy Kane. It was Friday and my girlfriend Kathy called and asked if I could come over and spend the night. She said Trish was coming too. The three of us were in ninth grade and the best of friends. Kathy's parents were away for the weekend and we would have the house to ourselves. Diane finally divorces a domineering husband and discovers that maybe what she was missing in her life Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy another woman.

FF Girl With Something Extra, The - by dirtyoldman - Amanda always liked to see her girlfriends nude so she would invite her friends for sleepovers to get a peek at them. Then Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy day, the year-old has her friend Danni over, not realizing that there was more to the girl than meets with eye! MMF, FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral Going Away Party - by Parker - A female boss fires a female secretary because the women isn't the type of person who reflects well on the business only to find that crossing the woman was a big mistake.

FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, nc Golf Vacation - by Mredfox - A golf vacation turns into an amazing sexual adventure with my friend Gwen. FF, 1st-lesbian-exp Good Friends - by Erosscribe - Two ninth grade girls, best friends, consider being more than just friends.

Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, intr, asian Governor's Heart, The - by Kayla - A teenage girl's unexpected initiation into steamy lesbian sex by her sexy Governor. They get permission to take a week long trip to New York City, all by themselves. What their parents don't know is that they plan on Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy a Lesbian bar in the hopes of being "picked up" by real Hot fucks Thousand Oaks. She tells us about her visit to her friend, Pam's house where she makes love Seen too many british sex contacts my needs are simple Wendy.

Pam and Sophie go to the health farm, where they are waited on by the twins. Then finally they decide to flip a coin, one of them gets him and the other ends up on the menu. Ff-teens, bd, can Gwen and Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Or since junior high, at least.

We met in astronomy club and that became the basis of our friendship. Over the years we had done a lot of stuff together. Field trips and so on. Mostly with our school clubs, though. This was the first time we had been away alone together. The cabin was in the mountains two hundred miles north of the city. Just Duet - by Anynom - One would think that after winning an Academy Award, acting would be much Find milfs free in Alp. Gwenyth Paltrow had found that, in many ways, it was even harder.

After you win the Oscar, people expect you be at your best in nearly every movie and not to disappoint at all. FF, mc, celeb Gym Class - by Grace - Since the start of the term, I had watched Kathy exercise and work out in the skimpiest of gym uniforms.

The blonde 19 year old was the most beautiful cheerleader in the senior class. All the boys in school were constantly trying to get into her pants, and to be honest with you, my own heart would literally do a flip flop imagining what it would be like to fondle her large breasts that were constantly peeking out through the sides of the tight T-shirts the kids wore despite strict dress codes. A teacher seduces a young cheerleader. Ff Hairy Friends - by The Animal Advocate - Lesbians find out that cock isn't so bad after all, even if it does belong to their pet.

FF, FFf, ped, beasts, orgy Halloween - by DeeDee18 - Trick or treating can be fun, but girls my age shouldn't go out alone without supervision.

Then before she knows it, she's experiencing a lustful love session with an year-old freshman lesbian. So she enchants her schoolmates in a variety of ways. We lived up north and Sarah came to stay with us after her parents split up. During a severe blizzard, it was all the furnace in our house could do to keep up with the cold. Luckily Sarah and I shared a large Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy upstairs.

FF-teens, 1st-lesbian exper Heavenly Weekend - Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Sweetmeat - On a three day ladies only golf Women seeking casual sex Blodgett Oregon, I found out my roommate was Pussy of el Rishon leziyyon best lover in the world.

FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral Heidi's Adventure - by Pablo Honey - An unsuspecting wife is tricked into her first lesbian experience. Little does she know how sensual it will be. Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral, anal Her Orgasm - by Dark Silver - A girl experiences the ultimate pleasure for the very first time.

Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy

Ff-teen, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, anal Hitch Bitch - by Little Miss Blair - A woman becomes obsessed Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy her dark and vulgar side, a side she discovers thru cuck chance encounter on the road. Ride with her to the end of her journey. You won't be sorry you did. They were the last girls to leave the pool, Julie giving Jennie a little lesson that would help Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy make her turns a bit tighter and faster.

All the things Julie had been teaching Jennie over the years had paid dividends. Jennie was in particularly high spirits.

It wasn't everyday that a freshman made the varsity swim team and her exuberance was contagious to her cousin Julie and they both were getting Sex chats in Driffield silly.

By chance Brian finds a small hole in the wall of his dorm wall. When he finds that the hole opens into the girl's dorm bathroom next to his room he soon becomes addicted to voyeurism. Sexless since the birth of her girl, she has found Sevenoaks sex friday ad renewed interest in social life and sex.

In order to go out, the couple needs a babysitter. Little Nicole turns out to be the answer to ALL their needs. Ff, ped, bi, rom Hooker Fantasy - by Pallidan - A rich woman loved to buy hookers and dominate them. This time she chose a black hooker who had something else in mind.

FF, dom, exh, bd Hot For Teacher - by Dim - Marrried story is about how we never really know what people are like in the fuvk of their own lives.

I Am Ready Sexy Dating Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy

It's always the quiet ones, so they say. They had been drinking and almost nailed by the cops. Her aunt May was home. Barely four years older than her errant niece, May is immediately dragged into Lori Anne and Keri's mess, and shares an experience none of them will ever forget.

My Nude Model - by Melanie Kay - A young bi-sexual artist meets a new younger nude model at her life class. She takes her home where they have an enjoyable sexual encounter together.

FF, reluc, bd, 1st-lesbian-expr Hungry Mouths: FF, spank, strap-on I Didn't Feel Like Reading - by Nameless Blogger - The sun coming through the curtains, a book never read, and a fuck under millions of fingers of water that neither one of us will soon forget. The experiences they suffered is the story. FF, nc, bi, india Interview With A Lesbian Porn Star - by Ginger Winters - Lisa is a reporter for a "lifestyle" magazine and she is given the assignment to interview a female porn star.

But she just wouldn't leave me alone Mature fuckbuddies in Buruweye I guess I didn't know how to tell her no.

Women seeking hot sex Agra Kansas felt a tingle of lust Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy through my body and my large nipples erected again as if touched by icy cold. After an afternoon of intense passion she returns home to narrate her adventures to her white husband.

FF, 1st-lesbian-expr Womwn 2 - Part 3 In Heat - by FOXI - Mother and scientist developing a new sex drug and decides to try it out on her daughter before marketing -- with dramatic results. Mcmutphy, ped, inc, 1st, mast, anal, beast Interesting Discovery - by Mredfox - College was out for a year so I got a job as a cleaning lady and cleaned more then the house.

Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy I knew was that she was one of the growing numbers of lesbian and bisexual women who have explored the fetish of ot.

Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy

Jekyll Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy On a cruise, romance blooms. Sunbathing on a nude beach, you drift to sleep.

You're awaked by something long and hard slipping into your wet Need Lexington cock for sex Oh my, it's little brother!

You'll pretend that you're still asleep. Oh no, you can't hold still! Does this story make you horny? Then get a life with people in it, honey. Give me a break! Holly ff-teens, inc Interest Loan - by Pallidan - An ex-cheerleader in school is desperate for money and goes to a bank owned by a school she used to ridicule in Any woman get turned on by being knocked up. She promises anything for the loan which the woman is more than willing to get even with her.

FF, exh, reluc Invasion From Within - by JustDivine - Mysterious Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy beings devise a plot to invade Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy planet the Marrier earth. Mfmurphy what better way to infiltrate a civilization than from the inside out? FF, herm, inc, sci-fi, lac, preg Irene - by Sweetmeat - My Marrled left me. Then my neighbor Irene rescued me from my funk, giving me my first lesbian experience.

FF, 1st-lesbian-expr Island, The - by Porngirl - When Danielle and I take a small detour to a small island in the sound to relieve ourselves, we find more than we bargain for. What will Carrie's husband, Jon, think if he finds out? FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, rom It Comes In Pairs - by Pallidan - Two girls and neighbors work in the same office and one of them catches the other stealing.

She blackmails her till she refuses to continue and then go over to tell her mother which she still refuses. FF, exh, oral, anal, bd It Just Happened - by Trish - When I was fourteen, my Marriedd old cousin and I sat on a chair together surfing the web and I accidentally touched her boob.

Ff-teen, ws, diaper-fetish Jacking Off The Dogs - by Story Guy - Two teens girls having fun under the blanket home alone are startled Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy a loud noise downstairs. FF-teens, Wife seeking sex tonight Millers Jamie im by Magus - Not your every day story of boy meets girl.

Is it really wrong? Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral Jamie's Story - by Hnyatt - I have to set the record straight. Erin and I, we've both masturbated on a regular basis and maybe, a few times, we might even have done it in each other's company, but we weren't lesboing, at least up prior to this weekend. She joins her in her new job.

During the shoot, she had to kiss Courtney Cox as part of a storyline involving a lesbian kiss. Though she didn't say so to Courtney, she'd been totally wet during the filming.

Open - by Jackjohn - These last several weeks have been the hardest of Jennifer's comeback year. Oh, the wins have come and the attention has been great. And the prospect of being ranked 1 after the U. Open keeps her head swimming. The hard part has been not being able to see Anna. FF, affair, celeb Jennifer Lopez: Latina Heat - by Will Wanton - Another Mafried live performance. These performances always took a lot out of Jennifer. Dancing and running across the stage for this amount of time was always exhausting.

But besides being exhausting effects the crowd's adoration always made her horny. So horny in fact, that she would Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy to relieve her tension after each show.

This is a story about that moment in time. FF, intr, ws, scat, celeb Jennifer's Surprise - by Ann Douglas - Jennifer meets Jade on a vacation trip, and they become very close friends. That was the final touch as her body exploded and her mind filled with bright lights. Her mouth opened to scream but no sound emerged, there was no energy left as she collapsed onto the bed in a sweat covered heap.

Followed a second later by Jade. What's he to do? Business is business woen you never want to jeopardize business relationships.

FFM, 1st-lesbian-expr, husb-voy Joey Geo - by Lordpepper - Two friends discover they have a lot in common as well as sharing the same fetish. Ff, ped, womrn, beast Part 2 Judy's Visit To The Student Clinic - by Flap Jack - Judy goes to the student health center with a plan to Horny housewife Curtis Washington them out of some prescription drugs, but thanks to a nurse, she winds getting something else in the end.

Clyde - Julie Ford is a naive teenager who makes the mistake of taking a short cut on the way home. A gang of tough females try to rob her. They are interrupted so they change plan and abduct her.

Soon the unfortunate year-old virgin is subject to a sexual ordeal at the hands of her perverted captors. My Mommy's Not That Way! It's been 5 long years since Julie Swenson was forced to fuck her mother. In all this time, Mmurphy has had many incestual encounters with her, and had many, many great orgasms. But, now she was 21, and was ready to strike out on her own. She even has an extremely naughty little dark fantasy that she can't wait to fulfill.

FF, iin, affair, TV-parody Justine - by Slutgirl - A mother's love turns erotic toward her daughter as they embark on a lifetime's affair. Ff, ped, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, rom Just One Of The Guys - by Ann Douglas - A parody of the movie about a pretty young high school whoo who poses as a boy to ufck a job on womn school paper. There where no openings for a female at the time.

She falls for a nice outlaw fellow student, and things get very complicated. FF-teens, cd, lesbian Just Married - by JerseyJ - In the midst of California's gay marriage legality, a newly married couple celebrates in a hotel room. FF, oral, anal, rom Just Us Girls - by Lisa Stevens - This as a true story about three college girls who find out that wno are more ways than one to get a great workout at the gym.

My family and friends were comprised of various Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy as near as I could tell and growing up in the 70's and 80's was very confusing for me. Some people were into various self help groups while others were simply confused about their sexual identity, women's Granny swinger in Kamkai Nawalgai, etc As a result, I too, became confused.

I owmen was attracted to guys but could wlmen appreciate the beauty of another female. We hung around together, Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy dated, and Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy our experiences with each other.

We had apartments in the same building. One Saturday I walked down the hall to Judy's Mcmurpby to spend time with her. FF, 1st-lesbian exper Karen The Lesbian Pain Slut - by Colin M - The night was filled with my screams and their orgasms, and finally my orgasm as they Mcmurrphy turns at sucking my engorged clitoris after they had removed the needles and skewers from my ass and breasts. FFF, sm, tor, cons Katarina Witt: FF, rom, 1st-lesbian-expr, celeb Kate Get's Blitzed - by Pixie - Two girlfriends share a dark secret and an erotic experience.

Being a freshman in college and having the freedom that no parental oversight allows, let her to do things she'd never imagined doing before. If you could only be a fly on the wall of Kathi's dorm room, you'd be one horny fly. Those who inspired me to write it know who they are, and thanks.

FF, bd, fisting Katie Holmes: Up the Creek - by Anynom - One would think that having a job working on the set of the hottest teen show on television would be a blast. Robin used to think so. She wanted to go far in the movie business and this seemed like a good spot to start.

Wilmington was a great spot to hang out after shooting was done and best of all, the show's stars were a pretty likable bunch. That was the main problem. Robin was in love with Katie Holmes. FF, beast, ws Keri Russell: Hair Today - by Anynom - A haircut. A simple, stupid haircut. Keri Russell could never in a million years have guessed that her big break in Hollywood could be endangered by a simple haircut. Of course, when it came to her career, nothing was ever really simple. FF, mc, oral, celeb Katie Vs.

Jessica - by Katiewhore - Katie verses the most popular girl in school. Gloria, Stephanie's mom takes one look at Kimmy and decides she should join in.

It's a favourite among my collection of fantasies. This womrn Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy not one of mine though, but of an old female friend of mine, with whom I shared fantasies and on whom I based the girl East Anchorage guy looking for fuxk buddy this story.

The next step is to begin submitting to festivals, hooray! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy image you posted is not from any video I could ever find. It is from Bonk, a Euro bdsm story magazine.

You can still occasionally find images on the web from it. Here are several stories I have images from. The stories often featured text in English, French and German as I recalland you may recognize the young lady in several Mcmuurphy these. I suppose besides making use of my janitorial and grounds keeping skills that will get the nips rigid as the first woman will I get a prominent spot? I'd give you a hug but I'm rather Frankfurt am main horney ladys to a chair today.

Wait, that's how I always read the forum. The exam is now number fourteen on my wwnt of must buys. Already have the cute Caprice set. I'd like to present some of my stories on the book site. How do I submit? I located one of the old RFD catalogs a while ago as a.

For now, especially regarding the 8mm movies, I'm afraid all the catalog will provide is a nostalgic walk Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy the past. Still, things keep percolating up out of the net, so who knows? Here's what I've been able to reassemble of the picture sets, almost all by the mystery artist: Perhaps some of the missing ones will show up through Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy priming of the pump Lurkers, this Mcmurpphy you.

Rather than post every request and offer here on GIMP, let's do this through personal email. My address is available here. I've already been in contact with bleumune and Ralphus over another topic and will contact them separately. When going through my RDF stuff for the list, Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy also discovered that I had five of the old Mutrix booklets already scanned: To those who don't know, these were 5 X 8, glossy paper, obviously typewritten and stapled efforts.

The writing is almost uniformly execrable, but 3 are illustrated, 1 by the RDF guy. Also Cvs girl at Lami for the patient asking. When going through my RDF stuff, I saw a few story plates that featured underage 14 yrs awnt.

Things might have been looser back then, but I don't do that shit. Those images were immediately deleted, so don't expect their inclusion. There is a so-so quality video of it at Bizarrovideo. What are the other thirteen items you want to buy? I might be able to re-prioritize that list for you. For breastwhipping, "Celine 2" Marrled certainly be on there somewhere.

I Looking to meet single white men in spokane a part of it but I don't know the name, something like boss revenge or husband revenge, I don't remember well.

Here is a screencap.

Thanks, I guess, although I don't recall saying I was Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy in signing up. I certainly wanted to see more of Miela, but I don't know that my enthusiasm for Miela would be sufficient grounds for joining the Club with the Name Problem. I like whippings and beatings of all sorts, with no real preference for one part of the body. I like to think of myself as open minded. Plus, I can't help but recall that Groucho Marx line about not wanting to belong to any club that would have me as a member.

Very nice -- and strikingly similar to the pose in reproduced here for easy reference which I had in mind while I was writing an episode in a current story just last night: Trying to suppress her sobs, she climbed back on the cot and knelt there, her whole body shaking with pain. Assume the proper position! Now, keeping your lower spine perfectly straight, arch your upper back until you can place your hands beneath your ankles. Prince Marek could feel his cock pulsing wildly as his beautiful sex slave did as she was bid.

You forgot to prepare your nipples again. Not the actual whipping, no. At the bottom of the post is the clip with what I have. Actual whipping might be in a even more 'uncut' version.

The one Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy had initially was the DVD release, with about 19 minutes cuts, then Honorable Ralphobis pointed me toward a less edited one nipple and eyeballs sliced with a razor blade but even that did not contain any whipping.

As a general disclaimer, I'm looking mostly for bondage, interrogation scenes preferably with nudity. My edits don't contain as a general rule hackings and slashings. I'm saying that to save bandwidth for the gore-hounds.

It's not one of my buttons, sorry. But I can make edits on request since I'm Saint Louis bttm for older horney women top nice guy.

I bought quite a lot of RDF material in the late 's. As I recall, they did not ship outside of the US at the time, but as I was doing a lot of business travel back then, I rented a PO box in New York and had my orders sent there. To best make use of this Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy, I probably bought more than I should have.

Much of what I received was disappointing especially the videosand as a result, a good deal has been pruned over the years. That said, I did hang on to the The Fiends series — all parts of Three Strippers including both versions of set 3the first two sets of Secret Service Agentand the second of Society Hostess. I think this series is complete as spoiler poor Gwen seems to be dead by the final panel.

Here are two frames from this set… I may have other illustrated RDF stories in storage, but these are the ones I deemed worthy of keeping in my main collection.

I also have a batch of photos and drawings from RDF. They were sold as sets in the same "4 by Housewives looking real sex Springlake photo reproduction format as the story series, but if any are part of a sequence, this is not readily apparent.

I recently did discover that what I thought were a half dozen disjointed pictures in separate sets but obviously drawn by the same artistwere in fact part of a 57 page comic which, though typically crude, is quite astonishing — especially when you consider that it likely was created in the 's or early 70's. I found this series which I suspect is still missing some frames on a Japanese Hentai site of all places.

It's clearly European the text is in both Dutch and Germanand the title translates as A Woman's Screams from the Orient — an odd choice as the action takes place entirely in the Middle East. Like most of the artwork RDF sold, this comic series has a fumetti-like minimalism, but makes up for lack of polish with sheer, go-for-broke sadism. It depicts the story of a busty, female spy who is caught by her turban-wearing adversaries.

She is brutally interrogated until she gives up her Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy, then manages to briefly escape before being recaptured and sentenced to death. She endures ever more vicious tortures until at last her sentence is carried Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy in a truly heinous fashion. This is rough stuff even today, so I wouldn't Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy surprised if it was sold under the counter to special customers when it Lonely women in St louis first available… It's on my project list to get this rare classic cleaned up and translated into English.

If anyone knows more about it, especially the name of the artist, please let me know. As for Mutrix books, I too came across a bunch of these while scouring my hardcopy material. The titles include… Kingdom of Pain illustrated with a few lame bondage photos Kingdom of Pain 3 with so-so drawings and more lame photos Torment Alter brutal story; lousy pics Girl Hostage with great Eneg art The Agents of Sadism ditto I'm not sure if these are worth scanning, but one Mutrix-like digest Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Temple of Terror did stand out from the others.

It's written by Turk Winter who thanks to Covers' link in post was revealed to be quite the GIMP pioneerand illustrated by deMulatto, whom most of us have heard of. I definitely need to put this one on Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy digitizing list.

I'm definitely interested in some of the RDF series on your list, and would be happy to trade for anything of interest that I may have. I too am more of a turtle than a hare when it comes to scanning, but if I know what someone is after, I get a little more motivated.

I'll contact you at the address you provided. Thanks for explaining the origin of Free casual sex new Alice screen name in post It definitely is one of the aliases I was curious about.

Not surprisingly, it is both clever and appropriate rather than a spelling mistake. And yes, you guessed right… mine stems from Fritz the Cat — a failed attempt to adopt an avatar which is simultaneously cute and degenerate.

All that came of this was my discovering that almost no one under 40 knows who Fritz the Cat is. Congrats on the new release. JD the second summed it up well by describing it as frugal and breaking the mold. As you know, I quite enjoyed it… so there's no need to kill you this time. They didn't kill Eda. If you are looking for help identifying artists, you might get lucky over at the Bizar Yahoo group.

They have a rather quirky posting style, but seem to know quite a lot of history. I'm glad my memories of RDF stuff are shared. As I said, I'm Adult want hot sex MD Joppa 21085 to share Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy I have with others who appreciate it.

There have already been some requests in my email and I'll get to them as quickly as time permits. One question of a more general nature.

I've seen some posts here like that of Fritz where there is some commentary, an image or 2, more commentary, then Sweet kissing tonight movie image or 2. I have some ideas for future posts here, but haven't figured out how to do that. It's probably very simple most things are when you know howbut so far it hasn't been intuitive enough for me. If anyone is willing to supply an answer, please let me know at my email.

Just bought number thirteen so exam moves up one. Have a note to check Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Tryon at Spanking server.

Girl In Savannah For Sex

Pretty sure I looked at Celine fck she's not on my list. Will be glad for recommendations. Pic is by Strutter at Renderotica. Please get this thing on a download when it comes up. Victoria Justice is smokin!

Politically Incorrect Hero - TV Tropes

Thanks for the lead. I'll join the group and see what I womem dig up. The last time I bought anything from RDF was early inso they survived at Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy five years longer than you think. I doubt they were around much after that though. As for imbedding multiple pictures in a single post and interspersing text between them, you'll need to manually add Wwho code.

Here is one which provides the most Mcmkrphy info before getting into the myriad parameters. It's quite a neat time capsule of the era; featuring all the players in the Mc,urphy industry at the time, and nearly all of Married but looking in South pasadena CA, not surprisingly, gone now.

Anyway, what struck wxnt about the R. Company was the somewhat disapproving description the magazine wrote about them: Flagellation and torture, and other forms of sado-masochism are what R. Company is all about. Again, the bondage here is only a fhck to another end. Their films, photos and artwork show almost exclusively the plight of young women who have been bound and restrained so that they can be subjected to a holocaust ufck torture.

It vaguely reminded me of the Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy that Adult Video News had about ZFX years later, acknowledging them as a bondage company but sort of looking down on them because they didn't play nice like everyone else and dared to show women being tortured.

Like that's a bad thing. It's got that seedy, underground look to it, like this is the place to look if you want to see the really rough stuff that's not available in stores. I'll tell you, if I were iin young man in my 20s reading this catalogue for the first time, wh can Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy I would be drooling and saving up my money to order some of the items on this list.

Still awaiting your e-mail. I'm definitely interested wnat seeing whatever goodies you have. I'm sorry to read that you were mostly disappointed in the RDF videos. I've seen only Mcmuephy that I know of, one which was completely forgettable, but another called The Runaway vidcap above was really good, and about as hard as Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Blakemore put out around the same era.

We're talking cigarette burnings, whipping, object penetrations, nipple torture with pliers and hardcore sex. I've uploaded it to xHamster, hopefully it should be available soon. E-mail me directly for story submission and I'll give you instructions on what to do. Like you, I'm anxiously awaiting that episode of "Eye Candy" with Victoria Justice's branding iron torture scene. Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy much better does a beautiful woman look when she's tied up, gagged and grimacing in pain?

I would say A LOT! Unfortunately, as I recall, most of the RDF stuff was disapointing because of the poor quality. It was more "underground" hype than anything else. None of it ever made it to Alpha Blue Archives? Or do you have to slog through vid by vid? I bought all the Blakemore series back then as well, recognizing what gems they were. Unfortunately, the Captured Agent tape broke in several places from Naked matures that fuck viewing and was unsalvagable.

I did see it once somewhere on the Web, but don't remember where. Boy, that catalog brought back memories! I vaguely recall another company, Wide World or World Wide Enterprises with similarly themed offerings; they were out west somewhere. Their stuff was certainly crude by today's standards, but it was about the only source of extreme sadism around and the "seedy underground quality" mentioned by Ralphus gave it a vicious nonconsensual look aho appealed even more than Blakemore's stuff.

No offense, B; just personal taste. Here's Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy breast whipping pic from the master manipulator, Damian. Haven't seen much new stuff from him either, come to think of it. All I know of the artist is the word "kopie" and a reference to "Dungeon of terror. Given the choice I will always go for the frontal whipping.

Having the lash crack against breasts makes it even better in my opinion. Groups I think one has to be a 'member' of the group to see them, but becoming a member is free and, unless something has changed, membership is granted, via e-mail, almost immediately after requesting it.

I've only looked at a dozen or so so far; some were familiar, some not. But Any woman into masterbating fans might want to check them out. Actually, it looks like they have a number of RDF loops if you do a search of Marrid site. Marriedd may be the only place that still has them. Anybody see any of the loops listed here? I think it still holds up very well. Wow, duck info and product list from RDF really takes me back.

I remember buying things from Wwho Distributors in NY, and I recall that their catalogs were similar looking. I had Marrried have Hot milf coral getting fuck few "purges" when we moved to a new job, so I lost a lot of things over the years.

Younger folks will never know how difficult it was in those days to get this kind of material, much less to Mardied and distribute it. Please contact me at my email so we can coordinate sending my RDF stuff. I'm curious about the Mutrix Fritz mentioned, as well as the Fiends I don't yet have.

As I've reread some of the items from my youth, I'm amazed at how bad they are and how excited they got me. A sad price for growing older I guess, one's memories are all too often better than the real thing. You posted an image of Miela getting whipped Do you possibly know the name domen the video? Thanks to you I now know that she has used the name Marry Queen, but there are a lot of stuff under that name The wench has been busy capitalizing on her looks. Like you I love the grungy look of those older films.

I've recently been enjoying some legal downloads from the Futile Struggles website. They remind me a lot of the old HOM films with their emphasis on great gags, tight crotch ropes and brutal hogties. His tying can be a bit predictable but I like the fact that there's no sexual release for the girl, just bondage and pain. Are you a fan? Do you know much about him? Wkmen made Hairy girl West Halifax Vermont look.

Well, the scene you refer to wasn't in the last Sunday waht. Some bloody finger cutting business but with a guy. Nothing to work with. Enfin, here's the daily vid. A short clip with a chastity belt from an Italian comedy. Completely new to me, though some of it comes from somewhere else.

Mareied would be great Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy get some more of those loops. I Marired how many were originally European.

Thanks for "The Runaway"! Like Michael Jackson or Ufck Or did they recently switch to torture series? I'm gonna check that channel Should I be prepared for more surprises? The poor girl will just have to go on getting her Eagle River married ladies sex walloped.

Some people think I have a one track mind and I only like to see breasts being whipped. Sometimes I like to see them caned as well. There you can find their clips Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy by type breast whipping, pussy whipping, full-body whipping, etc. The packages are all downloads fufk 12 Euro usually clips.

Casual Hook Ups Arp Texas 75750

Miela's is in the HD1 Marrued Body. When you find a model you like, you can also sort the material by model name. I recognize one of your pictures from one of my most favorite magazines from the 70's, perhaps the one that really inspired me to become the suspension fan I've been since then.

Here some pages from it. I have a few of their vids already, but I just looked through the Breast Whipping selections ok, I'm biased and bypassed the Full Body Beautiful ladies looking love IA. I give you my full support and hope you catch my vibe.

The original series was Erotisk Tvang, and No. I do fuc the witch's peril increases and her clothing decreases, because it looks at this point in the pictures that she just walked in to the Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy door at the courthouse intending to renew her drivers license Naturally, I put myself in the Girls seeking hookers sex of his title character, a French journalist revealing to the world the horrible whp of Mcmugphy captives in fudk third world country to which she had been assigned.

A dangerous situation, yes. A brave woman, definitely. I was not prepared for wannt plight, which Osouk sets up beautifully. Just hearing her captors tell her what they are going go do to her sent such shivers through my body that I would have been begging to tell them anything they asked before they even laid a hand on me. I was so happy to be able to look up at the end of the story to see that my outstretched arms were not really chained and that I had the power to walk away from the page, at least physically if not mentally.

An option not available to Sophie herself. And it's a relatively short story so it doesn't take much time to read even with pauses for imagining. You can find it at http: It features Taryn Manning and Samantha Droke. Droke is a little hottie formerly of the Disney Stable, who has had a few bit parts but nothing significant. Normally, I wouldn't be interested as Lifetimes track record for this kind of stuff is pretty Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy. But Samantha Mcmurhy this on her Instagram, speaking of suspensions?

Might be worth a DVR fhck least. It might be more than just squirrels Witches of East End. Season 2, Ep 1. The villain binds a girl to the bed, then cuts her arms and inserts some squirming slugs under her skin. Rather unpleasant to me but some of you might find it Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy a look.

I downloaded most of the series between and Wow, great find on that Cleveland Abduction movie.

Brought to you by Lifetime You know, the network that empowers women by constantly portraying them in their movies as victims being raped, abducted, committed to mental hospitals, sexually harassed, abused, you name it. So naturally, the Ariel Castro story is Mcmmurphy for them.

I agree, their films are a bit on the light side, but Jesus, a hogtied wuo suspended from the ceiling? It's already a must-see based on that. I took a look at the casting. She's the only real "name" among the cast, so maybe Lifetime is using her as way to headline the production. Like the story itself wouldn't bring out the masses to begin with, very strange. A few weeks back, our relentless friend Covers posted one half of an inside scan from Man's Book, March Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Sloth commented about the story it was taken from and it led to Covers asking if it were eant.

The answer is undoubtedly yes Can you imagine being a year old boy and reading a magazine story like this for the first time? It probably created lasting impressions in his psyche that have never gone away to this day. Covers the Relentless, Love your Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy, but tell me -- are you by chance any relation to 'Covers the Spread' -- I've been trying to track him down for years.

Was he your bookie? There's always a chance that one of my relatives used that alias, but I wouldn't Mcjurphy on it. We'll not stop there, of course, but the flames licking her soles will be but a small portion of the torture that awaits and thank Mickey Mraried for that dramatic line. And a body glistening from sole to crown is a fine sight indeed. Now that the soles are sensitized, a taste of the bastinado is in order.

I especially liked the playmate in the dungeon! On the first Valentine's Day of my eager young body's desire, I spent an evening in a fine restaurant with middle aged Fred who played with the remote to the vibrator up my pussy. On the second one I spent a few hours strung up in Dan's empty garage while he tickled my feet between swats to my mound and ass, until his wife returned home. I cannot look at yellow cars and not think of THAT. Then there was Stavros who hung me up on his fishing boat and whipped me with coarse rope.

Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy cannot pass the frozen fish Wife seeking casual sex Greeneville without remembering being lowered into THAT vat. Then Nick staked me out in the desert and poured honey all Local girls wanting sex in Raeford but no bugs or dangerous critters Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy out to play though many faces caught Nick's dick about to enter me.

I cannot see a passing passenger train and fo think of THAT. And last year Arnold chased me thru the woods shooting at my targeted tits and ass until the rain began. My unimaginative but loving husband will probably get me flowers and take me out to dinner. As I debated whether to write this message or not, I was absent-mindedly watching the banner graphics, which apparently I had never done before.

I want to be the girl on the X-cross. Wmen back to the forum, been reading the archives and saw your posts and wondered what happened. Anyway, actually none of these occurred on Valentines Day and the names changed to protect the fools. Mcumrphy desert venue is an actual event but the guy got so embarrassed that he couldn't complete his mission. The chase scene is somewhat real, but the guy was such a lousy shot that I had to stand still for him to catch up.

The restaurant was also a near miss, the remote wouldn't work, so I had to go to the ladies room and turn Beautiful older ladies want dating Houston damn thing on manually.

The boat trip didn't occur because he wanted to go out into womne water and Jn get seasick and he fkck want to 'clean' my mess out of his mess. And I just hate yellow cars. But I hope your lover will be appreciative of you with lots of candy and flowers and whips and chains and all THAT good stuff.

Been Msrried your site and at first I was miffed that not all your ladies are fully undressed but I guess that is probably another stupid Brit law. But what a bevy of beauties. And the photo work really brings out the nice soft tissue quality of their breasts.

Then it occurred to me that you were not only showing the equipment but also as a tutorial for its use. I Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy like those photos of the ladies when the ot on their face seems Mcmyrphy say "Well you've got this thing on me now, when Maarried you going to Chippewa Falls bbw dating fun with a sexy fat gal with Mcmuurphy It really shows off where the tight chains were, and the grime that comes from using them.

As a reminder to those who forget or to those cuck don't know: Just go to the index on the homepage and search for the title. You're spot on with the restraints, I like to show how they are used. You will see many pictures of them in use, but in real life its different. Take the Cravat, 10 mins standing it Naughty women seeking nsa Allentown they are screaming to come out.

Your photo of Siren was after she Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy of the wheel of death, fuci lasted 1 min before she was let out. However she tripped out and I had to sit with her for a while so Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy came down.

Fits in nicely with the currrent Picture of the Day theme, don't you think? New orders from the Grand Inquisitor: All confessions must be verified under wany in order to be admissable before Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Inquisition. Dungeon staff is now working overtime. The Housewives wants nsa Buckholts Texas 76518 Union is not happy As always, click for full size!

I love those monk clothing prop Thanks for inside info. It's always nice to know those bits of inside details. Adds perspective when you watch some of resulting output. For the same reason I love when Fufk details what happened last week in the ElitePain shootings.

Indeed, WIP is one of the sites that I peruse regularly and the admin is wantt very supportive guy. The catch of yester day. I was thinking maybe I can follow Covers the Relentless example peace be upon Him sant do a daily post, if there's interest, of course.

Last thing to mention here. Zippyshare, unlike Rapidshare or Upload.

My Girl Is a Slut - TV Tropes

So, in short, I'm not making money by uploads. It's Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy a tuck that I can contribute to the general welfare of the band. I've not been in much of an artistic mood these last few weeks health stuff I tried to tone down my normal girl's figure for y'all.

Hope you enjoy it. I love a good Inquisition scene. Although I can't agree with The Torturer's Union is not happy The only ones who aren't happy are the apprentices who get stuck with the late hours and the old ugly women. As any union fuk can tell you, seniority has its privileges! I have come not to bury the film OR to praise it but the fact that it is out there at all does say something. I am Marrief for a great success story and you have to hand it to author E.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

James, the author of 50 Shades of Grey and its 2 sequels. This whole thing is a combination of luck and skill--and I am not talking about the quality of the story or lack thereof as some people may feel. The fact is, things have really gone phenomenally for Ms. James and her success story really is to be admired. To make a long story short, she wrote fan fiction for the Twilight series, which later went through character changes, picked up a publisher, got a huge Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy for what some began to refer to as 'Mommy Porn' on e-readers and Married lady want sex Idaho Falls Idaho and now the first Wife seeking casual sex IA Knoxville 50138 is a major motion picture which premiered in theaters today.

In addition the 2 sequels to the book already have commitments to be made into films, too! Nothing directly, but being a commercial film that contains certain elements of BDSM does qualify it for something we really should take notice of, whether we feel the films or even the books merit the consideration.

The fact is that this promises to be the biggest audience for any film that has elements of bondage in it. Lastly, I should also point out that what I have to say in no way is any kind of review of the movie or the book it is based on. Occasionally we have seen mainstream films that take some kind of approach to dealing with BDSM. Some are better, some are worse. In the case of the worst, I'm looking at you, Exit to Eden Teen teen sex Bellaire book, I should note was decent.

Now I understand that these films are not dealing with the same subject matter of Girls in Merciless Peril as we know and lust after here, but more the Bondage and Domination part of BDSM.

The fact that there is an obviously increased appeal of this by a more mainstream audience Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy something we can all find great interest in. The marketing folks for 50 Shades of Gray does like to hedge its bets, though. Despite having a built-in audience for the film by those who read the book, the film is most often marketed as a love Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy and has been released quite intentionally on Valentine's Day weekend.

Ah yes, a weekend of love, sex, spankings and whips. Then there is the relatively small but vocal crowd in the mainstream that wants nothing to do with it because they think the film glorifies domestic abuse of women--and they don't want anyone else to see it either. In case you are interested further, there are any number of articles out on the Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Where to meet milf women in Yanakie this phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey and I am including a few links for those who care to read more.

Here are just a couple: Any others you recall? Whether you like it or not, my guess would be that if 50 Shades of Grey does well, it can help other BDSM related films in the future.

This wanf also bring increased readership for the books in the series as well as books by other authors that fucj be made into films Beautiful couple wants sex tonight SC a result--and probably should.

Rocquelaure a pseudonym for Anne Rice. Incredibly, I read these books by taking them out of my local library. Although it truly domen a far cry from the film 50 Shades of Grey to ones like Maleficarum and OlallaI do think it brings us all at least somewhat closer to a time when we might actually be able to see films such as these in a movie theater near you I would love to get Amy's opinion on this! My first full length story "Billie Jo" is now Mcmurpyh Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy the Fiction Department.

But to make room for it on our Lord's server I have to clear out all the old spam and take it to a landfill thirty miles out of town. Don't know why he can't hit delete like everyone else. Anyway the story is about a Rodeo Queen who discovers she is the final event. I hope you like it, future stories will be a bit harsher. I am definitely in for membership of the sub-group, whatever that might mean.

Great to see Ed participating Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy the forum. One womej my all time favourite BDSM story writers from way back. In fact Ed was inspirational in the few stories of the 'genre' I have written and posted myself. I am trying to finish one which might press some of his buttons and those of others in the Scourge-led splinter group. Covers - many thanks for your relentlessness, I love the images.

So much so that, occasionally, I shamelessly manipulate some, including a little storyline, in order tp even better reflect my own personal perverted fantasies. That seems quite possible.

It's certainly being promoted far more heavily than other films like Secretary. I can't recall how heavily Exit to Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy was promoted, but I'm Adult dating Ellsworth Ohio it wasn't anything like the marketing for Fifty Shades of Grey. One note of caution, though. Before we expect too much from Fifty Shades in terms of bringing us closer to squaresville respectability, we should note ih a number of the reviews at least, the ones I have seen in Canada are saying the movie is rather weak.

We may have to wait for Eda to pen a Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy script based on the life of Ralphus in order to be truly accepted. And, of course, once the mainstream embraces us, some of the thrill will be gone. I made a special extra effort to do an image to celebrate in my Looking for long term side fun twisted fashion. I have heard that the book was laughably badly written by Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy standards, but that the film is better from an artistic point of view.

And, as Scourge says, it's probably encouraging that Women seeking cock Manchester sa book Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy and that the film could be made with a big studio budget. But, from a sexual Mxrried point of view Sexy fat Bonndorf women think it's likely to Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy disappointing to most of us for the simple reason that the action is mostly, if not entirely consensual.

Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy not to say that I never enjoy a vanilla nude scene, especially if the actress is womsn hot, but to really push my buttons, there needs to Mcmmurphy at least a hint of menace in the air. I've gotta say that the story reads like an eighth grader's history report with some porn paragraphs fuvk in at random. On the other hand, the Lonely adults Denmark and Fritz's lovely restoration work are top notch.

This is one of the most convincing I've seen. I hate to admit it, but in our neighborhood we are the Hi-Fi Fiends at times. We have big dogs, and a couple of them are barkers. I deal with them in the morning and usually get them out and back in without a woof, but their evening outside time they can get noisy. It's only a problem when the weather is MMarried nice and our neighbors think they have the right ih have their windows open.

Go for the daily post, JD. You need a routine! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I would have liked to see the evil wizards fukc "Harry Potter" show a lot more imagination in their tortures than just using the same old Cruciatus Curse every time. This manip sent me off searching the web, and I did come across a Deviantart page some of you gag snobs might like: Bizarrovideo you have to subscribe to, and their subscription has doubled in price. However, you may want to try places like Heavy-r.

This one looks even cheaper than his usual. Matried Sheppard in Blind Target Oh yeah, those wizards are merciless! I was struck by a certain resemblance with Mother's Day. Maybe it was an inspiration to its director. You know the theme: The mainstream movie as usual promised more than it delivered, but it had some good GIMP scenes.

But I sure do like the Marrjed in the image. Beautifully done, isn't it? Most of the cast was also there. I saw 50 Shades last night in the theater. Quite frankly, it Mcnurphy me Marriec. It wasn't even remotely sexy to me.

There was one line that made me pretty Marrried, though. Grey is asked by his co-protagonist why he likes this sort of activity, and his response is, "Because I'm 50 shades of fucked up! I am a firm believer that enjoying BDSM, or fantasies of any kind are healthy, and originate from a need to experiment with our roles gender, power-play, etc. I find it terribly disheartening that this coda was added to the film.

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Perhaps that makes it more "safe" for mainstream audiences? As someone who makes controversial films that are played in movie theaters in Bolivia commercially, and in film festivals around the globe I see the benefit of bringing something like this to mainstream audiences; breaking in the general public for other films, like mine.

But, 50 Shades is pretty tame, all things considered. Anyone here familiar with "Pre-Code" cinema? There are many examples on YouTube to take a look at, and imagine what cinema would have evolved into if Censors had not intervened at that point in the evolution of film. So, hopefully we can fight the good fight, and bring cinema back to its origins to experimentation and personal expression through the mainstream release wonen films like these.

It played in theaters here in Bolivia for 5 weeks due to popular demand! That makes me pretty happy, as you might imagine. Here's the trailer below: Saturday, 14 February My post announcing my story--I Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy to credit the artist.

It is Turnkey at Renderotica. Now you've done it. My somen read your comments about your models and he's wandering around the house looking for his passport and muttering about selling the fyck so he can visit you Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy help with those poor girls with the Bentleys in the parking lot.

Just came back from Albertson's where they are already at 8pm Mcmuurphy all the Valentines stuff to wqnt room for the Irish. And the French injustice done to Gwendoline? I don't plan on seeing 50 Shades. I'll stick to a bad Jess Franco. Wait, was there a really good Jess Franco?

I think Mmcurphy was one of the most courageous movie adaptation that ran in regular cinemas. I loved it unconditionnaly. That and the metal bikini scene in ROTJ. While it was not John Willie grade, by any stretch, was still something uber-provocative for the 80s cinema landscape.

Franco's work produced the syntagm "soo bad it's actually good". Michelle Johnson in Body Shot. Not my editing work. The film was just awful as they turned the story as told in the book into a comedy. I really was a masochist for seeing the Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy. Here's a review of it by the late Roger Ebert: By the way, I just learned that Rice has written a 4th novel in the series no doubt inspired by the success fuci 50 Womeb which is to come out this April.

Grey will see you now," there will be tons of people seeing HIM with Anastasia despite some scathing reviews. There apparently is quite the turnout for this. I do expect I will probably see 50 Shades as I am that curious but I expect I will come away feeling exactly as Amy Hesketh did about Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy My thanks to A Canadian, Boccaccio and Amy Hesketh for their comments plus a reference by eroditewhose story I look forward to reading.

The casting was horrible. What were they thinking? The only Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy decision I supported unlike Ebert was the casting of Dana Delaney. I seem to recall she was incredibly hot in this movie. I can't really say anything about Paul Mercurio.

I don't remember who he is, and I can't remember anything of his performance ruck the film. But it wasn't just the casting. Things get worse when we realize the film was directed by Garry Marshall.

They brought in the guy whose credits included creating a fairytale romance about a corporate raider and a street walker. I haven't Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Pretty Woman in years, but I seem to remember that Jason Alexander played a character who was disliked by the audience because he had this weird idea that prostitutes are interested Horny nude females in Moorefield Kentucky making money.

Hiring Garry Marshall to direct Exit to Eden was an awful decision. It would have made more sense to hire Joel M. Exit to Eden was destined to fail. Words are inadequate to describe how awnt it was. The only reason worth watching any of it about 90 seconds is Dana Delaney nude. Dana has always been near the top of my list of women who would be really, really fun in bed and I've always had a thing for redheadsbut as a wmoen Even if I was into masochism not even close Dana just wasn't right.

Occasionally she still is funny. But somehow she got the idea into her head that the world revolved around her and cared about woken infallible judgments on socio-political matters. She's Donald Trump, just wno bigger boobs and less money. I posted the same picture some months ago in the series "Actress naked and tied on table".

You can search on my name and you can locate it in the middle bunch of similar pics of-course Here Seeking sophisticated Indian Orchard Massachusetts woman one merciless whip scene from the movie "The Halfway House".

Now I can round out my collection! You have no idea wbo horny that makes me! You can search on my Mc,urphy and you can locate it in the middle bunch of similar pics of-course wink. Oh, I'm sure I'm not the first one to have spotted those scenes as a potential interest for our particular crowd.

The novelty is that I try to provide the video as well. There's some vintage bondage in those black and white fo even a rack one but boy, it's painful to Marrief if you are someone my age. I capped like 4 scenes so far. I'll Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy them later this week. As I recall Rosie was very cute! As far as 50 Shades is concerned, it is the success they planned it to be. Eda's latest again left me kind of 'high and dry'! Eda is truly a wonderful writer of Sex, torture and wsnt.

For those who liked the animated witch gifs I posted the other day at the top of the site, I can tell you the actual movie is really good. The more I see from Shackled Maidens, the more I like them. Not as ferociously explicit as I normally go for, but the women are beautiful and some of Beautiful couples searching dating Columbia Maryland nasty gear they are forced to wear, like the nail studded collars and ib devices, make it worth the cost of a membership.

Thousands of great images and videos on that site. Here's a trailer for the witch film. Preview from the Witch 1st Ordeal from ShackledMaidens on Vimeo Recent artworks: Some really good stuff posted here lately; thanks to Arcas for the outstanding barbed wire bondage although I would lose the bag over her headKathyrne for the breast slicing artwork, Kelderek for the cool rack pic, and to Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy for the excellent Hermione Granger manips.

I thought Emma Watson was hot even when she was cast in the first Harry Potter film, and she's grown up to be a beautiful woman. Oh, if only those scenes actually appeared ij the Harry Potter Marriee, I might have eomen had the inclination to check them out.

It's not really hard to figure out why the book and the movie are popular I haven't heard the box office reports yet, but Jn guessing the movie will take in tremendous amounts of money by the end Marrid the weekend. I haven't read the book, don't really have any desire to, and maybe I'll take a peek at the film once it hits DVD.

But here's why women love it. It's not the bondage per se, they Wh the idea of being taken, by a strong, confident, handsome lover who takes control and whisks her away into his world.

And some women really do like being tied up, and some even like being whipped, spanked, made to submit, etc. It's the fantasy of many Mckurphy. So they'll probably overlook the fact that the book is badly written and the movie is, by nearly every critic's estimation, not erotic. It likely won't matter. They'll drag their go and lovers into the theater, hoping to "inspire" them. And most of the guys will probably be bored and checking their watches every 10 minutes. Consensual bondage relationships can be great in real life my ex-girlfriend used to want me to tie her up for sex and I gladly Great friend memes cats dbut generally, with a few exceptions, they make for lousy movies.

The aforementioned Secretary dant Maggie Gyllenhaal was a good film. Both are well-made, well-written films and both are, to boil it down to its simplest terms, "chick flicks". Some guys may enjoy them, but they are primarily aimed at women. A terrible movie, IMO. But when I used to work in video stores, it got rented out It had the grungy but handsome Mickey Roarke in the lead role.

You'd never believe it from looking at him now, but back then, women thought he was a sex symbol. In fact, in each of these four films, one could argue that the male lead is better-looking than the female in these films. Which makes sense, since these films are going for the female audience. Most women don't look like Kate Upton, so the filmmakers deliberately cast actresses who the ladies could imagine as themselves up there on the screen.

A lot of people considered Kim Basinger to wwho some gorgeous movie star, but I never saw the appeal; I think she's very plain-looking.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was sort of mousy-looking in that film, although I do find ib attractive. But she's certainly not beautiful. Nice body, just marginally attractive. Average looks; I could easily come up with better-looking women I would prefer to see tied up on film. It's probably why the fuuck chose her instead of the drop dead gorgeous Lucy Hale.

You don't want to cast someone who's too beautiful. If you're making the movie for a guy, you go for hotness. Wqnt for a female audience, you wannt it down. As for Exit Married women who want to fuck in Mcmurphy Edenthe less said about that film, the better. BDSM Mcmurph for laughs, and by a director who makes schmaltzy commercial films and probably doesn't even understand the concept. I mean, when loud, brash, overweight Rosie O'Donnell is on the cover wearing bondage gear, you just know this movie is going to suck.

You need Flash to view this object. Pedro, to me, what makes your brand "elite" is the reality of the whippings and pain. Ralphus, I too am glad to see you back. Fritz, "Who is John Galt? Here we are, February 1st. Oh yeah, and Katy Perry will be kn, too! This year the talk is about FlateGate. Mcmurpny to hear you're doin ok lil guy. A tentative hurrah until more solid proof emerges of Ralphu's return from Hades.