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I I have a girl but have experience, but my sister Sexy ladies Prescott also told girl and she had a little boy!

She just gave gave this past March so it was recent. It's scary because I'm going to the same hospital for check ups! I have not had this experience, but I do know women who have been surprised at birth or a much later ultrasound like 36 weeks!

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I would think this would be more likely when an ultrasound tech can't get a good look. The fact that the tech herself said she wasn't certain would make me a little cautious.

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I was told with my first born I was going to have a girl and so my husband and I I have a girl but everything imaginable for a little girl then, maybe bit month before my "due date" they did another ultrasound and bam! They looked at me and said, "Looks like a penis on the screen, you're having a boy!

Oh man, this is really making me think I should go get an elective ultrasound. We had our anatomy scan this week, everything looked great, but baby kept legs close together.

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The gil said she'd seen enough that she would've seen a penis if there was one, but she didn't quite get a clear view of girl parts. When I asked how certain she was, she said she was pretty sure, but that didn't give me much confidence.

It kinda happen with my first, I weary in for an early scan and was told I was having a girl but then when I went in for my 20wk scan it was clear as day I was having a boy!! I just knew it!!

I knew I wasn't having a girl. My son is now 7!

It happened to my sil, they couldn't get a clear shot and the tech guessed girl. They had a later scan to check position and it was a boy. This just happened to me.

Even though I was told it's a girl at my 19 week anatomy scan and girl again at my 22 week ultrasound, I still get scared that it's going to I have a girl but a boy. All my pregnancy symptoms point to a boy and me and my husband were always so sure it was a boy.

We were super shocked at the gender reveal. We have been speaking I have a girl but the baby by her name and have had girl clothes donated to us and we already want to start buying girl items from our registry. I still get a feeling sometimes its a boy. I sure hope the sono tech is right.

gut After the gender reveal, the picture that the tech used to identify girl parts was NOT clear at all so I researched what girl parts look like on an ultrasound and when I went back at 22 weeks, Girrl had I have a girl but tech show me again and it looked just like a girl with the three lines. I go back in two weeks for another ultrasound at 26 weeks and I will ask the tech to show me again.

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In my town there were 2 babies born last year that were predicted 1 sex and came out as the other! Or that's the umbilical cord I can't tell my SON is now almost 3 and he is definitely not s girl.

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Really not sure how he hid it from us. We cannot ever gaurentee a gender, yes most of the time it's obvious but plenty of times it is not.

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