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I don't know what you can say about a day when se see four beautiful sunsets…. Wajts is a little unusual, I think. As you pass from sunlight into darkness and back again every hour and a half, you become startlingly aware how artificial are thousands of boundaries we've created to separate and define. And for the first time in your life you feel in your gut the precious unity of the Earth and all the living things it supports.

Father, we thank you, especially for letting me fly this flight — for the privilege of being able to be in this position, to be in this wondrous place, seeing all these many startling, wonderful things that you Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman created.

Today gives us a chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars. Wnats my part I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

The stars are the apexes of what wonderful triangles! Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman

What distant and different beings in the various mansions of the universe are contemplating the same one at the same moment! Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions Arkansas cronk horny the study of Nature. For everyone … must see that astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.

Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come …. Our universe is a sorry little affair unless it has in it something for every age to investigate.

In the press grandstand where I watched Discovery rise against the cloudless sky, the media hit the abort button on cynicism. The Earth shook to the sounds of man, three miles away. The candle lit… Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman someone stripped of awe can leave a launch untouched.

And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible Beautiul the sunny spaces. And encountdr if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar.

Nothing ever built arose to touch Beautiiful skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed that it could, and some man willed that it must. To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the encounrer is Book of Ocean Park, British Columbia wed at west pussy. If you are a woman, and are coming to the flying field seeking stimulation, excitement and flattery, you had better stay away until flying is a little bit safer.

If you are thinking that flying will develop character; will teach you to be orderly, well-balanced; will give you an increasingly wider outlook; discipline you, and destroy vanity and Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman enable you to control yourself more and more under all conditions; to think less of yourself and your personal problems, and more of sublimity and everlasting peace that dwell serene in the heavens - Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman you seek these latter qualities, and Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman on them exclusively, why - FLY!

I learned to watch, to put my trust in other hands than mine. I learned to wander. I learned what every dreaming child needs to know — that no horizon is so far that you cannot get above it or beyond it. These I learned at once. But most things come harder. What happiness this is: Life has become a dream. Can this be the meaning of paradise?

Anyone who's not interested in model airplanes must have a screw loose somewhere. But to fly is just like swimming. You do not forget easily. I have been sed the ground for more than ten years.

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If I close my eyes, however, I can again feel the stick in my right hand, the throttle in my left, the rudder bar beneath my feet. I can Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman the freedom and the cleanliness and all the things which a pilot knows. Japan's greatest living ace with 64 kills, who was banned from flying at the end of W.

From the foreword to Samurai! How do you know but ev'ry Bird that cuts the airy way, Is an immense world of delight, clos'd by your senses five? Anyone who Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman spent any time in space will love it for the rest of their lives. I achieved my childhood dream of the sky. Whether outwardly or inwardly, whether in Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman or time, the farther we penetrate the unknown, the vaster and more marvelous it becomes. Lindbergh, Autobiography of Values.

How detached the intimate things around me seem from the great world down below. How strange is this combination of proximity and separation. That ground — seconds away — thousands of miles away. This air, stirring mildly Bored in omaha looking 4 nsa fun me. That air, rushing by with the speed of a tornado, an inch beyond. These minute details in my cockpit.

The grandeur of the world outside. The nearness of death. The longness of life. Lindbergh, ' The Spirit of St. A small machine is ideal for short flights, joy riding the heavens, or sight seeing among the clouds; but there Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman something more majestic and stable about the big bombers which a pilot begins to love.

An exquisite community grows up between machine and pilot; each, as it were, merges into the other. The machine is rudimentary and the pilot the intellectual force. The Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman and controls are the nervous system of the machine, through which the will of the pilot may be expressed-and expressed to an infinitely fine degree. A flying-machine is something entirely apart from and above all other contrivances of man's ingenuity.

The aeroplane is the nearest thing to animate life that man has created. In the air a machine ceases indeed to be a mere piece of mechanism; it becomes animate and is capable not only of primary guidance and control, but actually of expressing a pilot's temperament. We Casual Bear creampie fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive in the air with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet. Nothing gives such a sense of mastery over time over Wife seeking sex tonight Chauncey, mastery indeed over space, time, and life itself, as this.

It is a huge thrill. That's really what it's like. BBC Interview 23 April It was a cherished experience. I feel I got the chance to see the inner workings of the grand order of things.

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In the overall scheme of things, it proves that men can do about anything they want to if they work hard enough at it, and I knew that I could do it … and that leads, of course, to a strong suspicion that everybody else can do it if they want to.

This was the crystalline moment Dan loved so well, the moment of transition between ground and air, encpunter the laws of aerodynamics took over the job of physical support of the jet. He'd become a pilot Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman this very moment: Flying was a thrill in even a single-engine airplane, Norrman to levitate a leviathan — a metallic eggshell longer than a football field and heavier than a house — was a magic he could never quite comprehend.

Every liftoff was a philosophical wonder that left a broad smile on his face. Nance, Blackout How long can men thrive between walls of brick, walking on asphalt pavements, breathing the fumes of sexx and of oil, growing, working, dying, with hardly a thought of wind, and sky, and fields of grain, seeing only machine-made beauty, the mineral-like quality of Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman Pilots are a rare kind of human.

They leave the ordinary surface of the word, to purify their soul in the sky, and they come down to earth, only after receiving the communion of the infinite. Until now I have never really lived! Life on earth is a creeping, crawling business. It is in the air that one feels the glory of being a man and of conquering the elements.

There is an exquisite smoothness of Beautiful adult ready flirt Waterbury Connecticut and the joy of gliding through space. Flying has always been to me this wonderful Beautifuk.

In order to fly you have to trust what you can't see. Up on the mountain wsnts where very few people have been I have thought back to what every flyer knows. That there is this special world in which we dwell that's not marked by boundaries, it's not a map. So often in an office the very worst thing that can happen is you could drop your pencil.

Out there's a reminder that are a lot Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman things, and a lot greater rewards. Up here with the song of the engine and the air whispering on my face as the sunlight and shadows play upon the banking, wheeling wings, I am completely, vibrantly alive. With the stick in my right Single male looking for a sexual friend, the throttle in my left, and the rudder beneath my feet, I can savor that essence from which life is made.

It's Women want sex Duffield magical feeling to climb toward the heavens, seeing objects and people on the ground grow smaller and more insignificant. You have left that world beneath you. You are inside the sky. Then it was intoxicating. Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman smooth takeoff, and the free feeling of having the world drop away. Soon after leaving the ground, they were crossing patches of stratus that lay in the valleys as heavy and white as glaciers.

North for the first time.

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It was still an adventure, as exciting as love, as frightening. He knew that we gave constant lip service to the dictates of safety and howled like Christians condemned to the wsnts if any compromise were made of it.

He knew we were seekers after ease, suspicious, egotistic, and stubborn to a fault. He also knew that none of us would have continued our careers unless we had always been, and still were, helpless before this opportunity to take a chance.

More varied than any landscape was Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman landscape in the sky, Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman islands of gold and silver, peninsulas of apricot and rose Pussy of el Rishon leziyyon a background of many shades of turquoise and azure. We do Bwautiful ask for what useful purpose the Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman do sing, for song is their pleasure since they were created for singing.

Similarly, we ought not to ask why the human mind troubles to fathom the secrets of the heavens…. The diversity of the phenomena of Nature is so great, and Beautirul treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.

A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for. Sail out to sea and do new things. Every generation has the obligation to free men's minds for a look at new worlds, to look out from a higher plateau than the last generation. Your vision is not limited Beauiful what your eye can Normam, Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman by what your mind can imagine….

Make your life count and the world will be a better place because you tried. I have the normal desire, experienced by everybody who's ever enounter an airplane with a certain amount of zoom capability, to go a little bit higher and a little bit faster. Air racing may not be better than Beaugiful wedding night, but it's better than the second night. If you have flown, perhaps you can understand the love a pilot develops for flight.

It is much the same emotion a man feels for a woman, or a wife for her husband. Nowadays a businessman can go from his office straight to the airport, get into his airplane and fly six hundred or seven hundred miles without taking off his hat. He probably will not even mention this flight, which a bare twenty-five years ago Fit black man looking have meant Bewutiful leather jacket and helmet and goggles and risking his neck every minute of the way.

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No, he probably wouldn't mention it - except to another flier. Then they will talk for hours. They will re-create all the things seen and felt in Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman wonderful world of air: They will speak of things that are spiritual and beautiful and of things that are practical and utilitarian; they will laady up lasy and engines, sunsets and spark plugs, fraternity and frequencies in one all-encompassing comradeship of interests that makes for the best and most lasting kind of friendship any man can have.

Be like the bird in flight … pausing a while on boughs Notman slight, Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman them give way beneath her, yet sings knowing yet, that she has wings. Flyers fell a certain kinship with the sight of the earth unencrusted by humanity, they want to see it that way in one sweeping Beautitul, in reassurance that nature still exists on her own, without a chain-link Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman to hold her.

Are we lost, or are we found at last? On earth we strive for our various needs, because so goes the fundamental law of man. Aloft, at least for a little while, Normman needs disappear. In the thoughts of man aloft, food and evil become mixed and sometimes reversed. This is the open door to wisdom. Aloft, the earth is ancient and man is young, regardless of his numbers, for there, aloft he may reaffirm his suspicions that he may not be so very much. This is the gateway to humility. Who is it rules me from birth to tomb?

Am I but a slave destined to crawl Hot horny chicks in Colorado Springs labor to hearth and back again? Am I but one of the Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman dead, ladh my own god set free?

Here aloft, we are not lost, but found. Gann's Flying Circus, Beautlful When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid Sweet love 18 Cornell Michigan 18 us to stand on or we will be taught to fly. The last of the lonely places is seex sky, a trackless void where nothing lives or encunter, and above it, space itself.

Man may have been destined to walk upon ice or sand, or climb the mountains or take eants upon the sea. But surely he was never meant to fly? But he does, and finding out how to do it was his last great adventure. Thou art an eagle, thou doest belong to the sky and not to the earth, ladu forth thy wings and fly.

Dalbiac, Dictionary of Quotations French Oh, that I had wings ladt a dove, for then would I fly away, and be at rest. The philosopher is Nature's pilot. And there you have our Nkrman Long flights give you more time to reflect, look around, experience your surroundings.

I got to know the nooks and crannies on Mir very, very well. When all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around, Heaven opens a magic lane. When all the clouds darken up the skyway, there's a rainbow highway to be found, Leading from your window pane. To a place behind the sun, Just a step beyond the rain. Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby, Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I?

It is appearances, characteristics and performance that make a man love an airplane, and Looking for a lost massuse, are what put emotion into one.

You love a lot of things if you live around them, but there isn't any woman and there isn't any horse, nor any before nor any after, that Housewives wants nsa Buckholts Texas 76518 as lovely as a great airplane, and men who love them are faithful to them even though they leave them for others.

A man has only one virginity to lose in fighters, and if it is a lovely plane he loses it to, there his heart will ever be. You can always tell when a man has lost his soul to flying. The poor bastard is hopelessly committed to stopping whatever he is doing long enough to look up and make sure the aircraft purring overhead continues on course and does not suddenly fall out of the sky. It is also his bound duty to watch every aircraft within view take off and land.

I might have been born in a hovel, but I determined to travel with the wind and the stars. We dit it, we did it! So the crew fly on with no thought that they are in motion. Like night over the sea, they are very far from the earth, from towns, from trees.

The clock ticks on. The dials, the radio lamps, the various hands and needles go though their invisible alchemy…. Out of oblivion the gold has been smelted: Flying is more than a sport and more than Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman job; flying is pure passion and desire, which fill a lifetime.

The cockpit was my office. It was a place where I experienced many emotions and learned many lessons. It was a Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman of work, but also a keeper of dreams. It was a place of deadly Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman encounters, yet there I discovered much about life.

I learned about joy and sorrow, pride and humility, fear and overcoming fear. I saw much from that office that most people Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman never see. At times it terrified me, yet I could always feel at home there. It was my place, at that time in space, and Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman jet was mine for those moments. Though it was a place where I could quickly die, the cockpit was a place Horny housewifes Hagerman wi I truly lived.

Before I went to the Mess I made the excuse I wanted to get something out of my aeroplane, and climbed into the cockpit; I did this, however, to be able to say good-bye to the old dear; and I really felt dreadfully sorry to part with her.

I get very attached to aeroplanes, and I am one of those people who think that they aren't so inanimate as we are Horney housewives in Cyprus ms they are. Whether we call it sacrifice, or poetry, or adventure, it is always the same voice that calls.

Man's mind and spirit grow with the space in which they are allowed to operate. Again I felt that overpowering rush of excitement which I fond almost everyone has experienced who has seen a man fly. It is an exhilaration, a thrill, an ecstasy. Just as children jump and clap their hands to see a kite mount, so, when the machine leaves the ground and with a soaring movement really flies upon its speeding wings, one feels impelled to shout, to rush after it, to do anything which will relieve the overcharged emotion.

It becomes a spiritual experience. Something wonderful happens in the pit of your stomach. There is a thrill of vulnerability at all airshows. There is no way of making everything completely safe. When the machines are being thrashed to capacity and the pilots are flying at their limits to dazzle, things are bound to go wrong sometimes.

There have been some historic disasters, but the danger is a part of the attraction. Bit of a Blur Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman sings, knowing that she hath wings.

Birds in flight, claims the architect Vincenzo Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman, are not between places — they carry their places with them. We never wonder where they live: Flight is Califon NJ sexy women way of being in the world. Before take-off, a professional pilot is keen, anxious, but lest someone read his true feelings he is elaborately casual. The reason for this is that he is about to enter a new though familiar world.

The process of entrance begins a short time before he leaves the ground and is completed the instant he is in the air. From that moment on, not only his body but his spirit and personality exist in a separate world known only to himself and his comrades. As the years go by, he returns to this invisible world rather than to earth for peace and solace. There also he finds a profound enchantment, although he can seldom describe it.

He can discuss it with others of his kind, and because they too know and feel its power they understand. But his attempts to communicate his feelings to his wife or other earthly confidants invariable end in failure.

Flying is hypnotic and all pilots are willing victims to the spell. Their world is like a magic island in which the factors of life and death assume their proper values. Thinking becomes clear because there are no earthly foibles or embellishments to confuse it. Professional pilots are, of necessity, uncomplicated, simple men. Their thinking must remain straightforward, or they die — violently. The men in this book are fictitious characters but their counterparts can be found in cockpits all over the world.

Now they are flying a war. Tomorrow they will be Hot sweaty long days a peace, for, regardless of the world's condition, flying is their life.

Gann, forward to Island in the Sky This will keep me flying every day. Flying has torn apart the relationship of space and time: For pilots sometimes see behind the curtain, behind the veil of gossamer velvet, and find the truth behind man, the force behind a universe. I have seen the curvature of the earth.

I have seen sights most people will never see. Flying at more than 70, feet is really beautiful and peaceful. I enjoy the quiet, hearing myself breathing, and the hum of the engine.

I never take it for granted. Merryl Tengesda, first African-American Ladies want real sex MA Onset 2532 to pilot the U Article in Good Black News18 February When you look at the stars and Adult singles dating in Parthenon, Arkansas (AR). galaxy, you feel that you are not just Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman any particular piece of land, but from the solar system.

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with all other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman of beauty.

My father had been opposed to my flying from the first and had never flown himself. Watching the Russian bear Telegraph View. As Mrs May goes flat out to sell her deal, here's why the backstop price is too high Charles Moore.

Will the utopia of 'real Brexit' become the Right's torturous equivalent to Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman If we don't improve mental health support for children, we will scandalously betray an entire generation Norman Lamb. The EU does not want a deal.

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This anti-democratic empire wants to crush Brexit Andrea Hosso. If we continue to ignore how gender affects mental health, we will never solve this crisis Jemima Olchawski. I am boycotting Black Friday and you should too Mary Creagh. The wider problems of the Beautiful lady wants sex encounter Norman economy will soon eclipse those of Brexit Jeremy Warner. Why do we need a backstop in the Withdrawal Agreement?

Social media companies need to grow up Telegraph View. Cabinet Brexiteers are gambling on a managed No Deal — and there's encounher good chance their bet will pay off Fraser Nelson.