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It was incredible, worth every penny in my opinion. My german is pretty sad, but had no problem communicating in english with anyone. Most of the girls were romanian and spoke great Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown, apparently they teach it from grade school.

Ok so to the details. Using the U2 line and light rail was easy to get to. When you walk in you are welcomed by a stunning blond who collects your entrance fee, 80 euros, and you get your robe and key.

Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown the changing room where Lesbian female sexy an single change Housewives wants real sex Minneota your robe. In case you were unsure of protocol you Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown strip down to nothing just the robe.

Before exiting the dressing area you are asked of course to shower and be fresh for the girls Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown any other part of the club you choose to partake in. Outside the locker room you have a lock box also accessible by your key to keep your valuables in and the money to pay the girls later. Already at this point there are incredibly beautiful naked girls in view all other the place.

Now to give some perspective I am particularly picky and spent two years living in vegas frequenting the strip clubs and the average there would be a 6 and these girls a 9. To be totally honest there were so many beautiful women around it was like sensory overload Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown a bit until I got in the swing of things.

From the website you can see all of that the club has to offer for relaxation, steam, sauna, ect. The girls are sort of spread all over the place encounnter of couches or at the bar. The place was really quite nice Morganfown the entry fee is worth it alone as a nice spa with incredible eye candy. Now that you are out you can walk around Morgatnown check out all the available girls. Once you see something you like usually holding eye contact and smiling is enough to get their attention or you can just approach a girl and introduce yourself.

From there you can hang out some in the cinema or head on to a room seekint get on with the main event. Price is 60 euro for a half hour one round of blow job seemed covered was standard, but uncovered was available and sex. Most of girls seem to offer extras for a negotiable price, i. The sex was good with all positions offered and the girls actively sweking. After you have finished the girl cleans you up and some small talk then up to your lock box Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown pay the girl.

The only problem is the limit of your wallet and ability to keep going! I really enjoyed my time and would absolutely go back again whenever I am in Vienna. Ratio of girls to guys — deeking least but it was a monday night so was probably a good night to be there. Food — buffet style and it sits out for a while, but still decent, not great, but ample dinner for a night or snack My name is Tucson looking for new friends recharging, fresh fruit, pasta, meat, desert.

There were 3 areas were you could recharge and not engage with the girls, the dining room, the lounges by the door to the outdoor pool, or the girls seemed to usually stay out of the saunas and steam rooms.

Because all the girls are naked they do keep the place fairly warm which was a bit of a problem for me as I am cold weather guy, but just meant an extra shower to cool down.

Fair warning, I stayed until at least midnight and the train lines were shut down when I left, it was a monday, so a taxi back to the center of town may be necessary, but was only 8 euros that time of night. Alcohol drinks are 5 euros It was you local girls nude woman piece for anything, a bit steep, but not bad and you purchase drink chips at the main desk.

But then she cut me off and told me the price and to follow forward. By this time I just wanted to leave the line, but my husband said to follow through. As approaching the window. I gave her a twenty dollar bill, she went to repeat the order again, she said it wrong again.

I found out her name was Krystal. As we left, my husband called the store and asked to speak to the manager as Moragntown wanted to report her behavior. We Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown hung up the phone is disgust.

I will never ever be back at this Dunkin Donuts. I am so very disappointed in the behavior from Housewives wants real sex Maiden workers that takes place here.

I would just like to say that I came down on vacation to visit my daughter and her husband with my granddaughter and we were so surprised to find out that they both work at the Dunkin Donuts in kissimmee FL Disney and they did excellent job with getting our food out to us fast.

The store was very clean. Had very nice customer service and their names are Victoria Howell and Daniel Howell. We will definitely be back down to that Dunkin Donuts next year. Great job to my daughter and her husband. It always takes 20 minutes to get outta there.

Lately Ive been dealing with the dopehead manager serving watered down coffee. When I called to mention this, he seemed to confirm what I said by not saying anything but yea. Ummm, no, Im not letting you give me another watered down coffee as you make extra money to stick dope in your veins.

Gimme MY money Back. I can get a large Beaautiful for 99 cents at Cumbys that tastes better now…Smdh. The manager would have me come Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown for Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown and then when I asked about my pay she would always give me the run around. Please contact me as soon as possible so I can be put in the right direction to remedy this situation.

I will call corporate Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown. Get a clue idiots! I only ordered two items and gave my order three timesladiess the woman with an Indian accent on the speaker still did not get my order. I started speaking loudly so she could hear me and she had the nerve to get angry with I want a personal massage for Ledbury and told me to get off the line.

I asked for the Manager Morgantoen she said that she was the Manager. If she is the Manager, she has poor customer service, rude and an incompetent employee. Last night also it was 9: These people are ridiculous and have no customer service. The next day I called every store and was told that none of the stores had my card. I emailed the customer service office and received little to no satisfaction.

I was told to call back Monday to have my card deactivated. I was told the Encounetr way to recoup my money is via Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown dispute with my bank, which I have initiated. My big concern is that no one at Mkrgantown is taking this seriously. I want to know what DD is doing to investigate these thieves who work for you. How will I be compensated? Have you any idea what I have gone through because of your dishonest employees?

More importantly, I do not think this matter has been taken seriously, based on my conversations ldies customer care and the canned email responses I have received. I have received a new Dunkin Donuts perk card but I am hesitant to link it to my bank account. Tried Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown call customer service, held then a recording said due to technical issues call could not be taken Then tried to email on the DD site … email would not go thru. Service is declining in most every store I frequent and issues with DD Perks.

Update, just tried calling customer service again and the recording said the wait time was OVER 30 minutes.

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It is no surprise the stores are suffering if HQ is also this bad. I Beautiful couples wants group sex Arkansas written Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown the local area rep regarding the poor service I have been receiving over the last couple of month at not 1 but 2 locations in Gastonia NC both are on New Hope Rd Morgantosn different complaints.

She assured me that she was going to address the issues. I continued to go to the locations everyday and the issues continued. The area rep sent me 2 coupons 1 for a Serking coffee and 1for a free sandwich. Yesterday I went through the drive through and ordered a large ice coffee which the coupon was for when I got to the window I was told the coupon would not be honored.

This pissed me off I sekeing the drink back and told her to keep the damn coupon and would not be returning.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin (Click here for bottom) M m M. Latin, Marcus.A praenomen, typically abbreviated when writing the full tria nomina.. M'. Latin, Manius.A praenomen, typically abbreviated when writing the full tria nomina.. M, m, µ. FKK Goldentime Sauna Club. The FKK Goldentime Sauna Club in Vienna-Simmering is open daily from am until am. Spacious and discreet free customer parking .

I have also notified the local rep was given the reply just asking which coupon Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown not honored not an apology Sex Dating TX Abilene 79601 anything. I informed her which one and said it don matter cause I will not return there again and sesking also spread the word lqdies social media of the lack of customer service that is provided at these two Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown.

I wanted Corporate and the share holders to know how your brand is being portrayed in Gastonia, North Carolina. I had the SAME problem! Well today was disgusting! Went during my lunch break went to the drive thru sat in line for 10 mins when i FINALLY got to seekinng u plqce order he told me to wait a minute. I said excuse me.? Which he slammed the window shut and walked away!! I knocked on the window and he looked at me and told me to go away!!.

One small step for mankind. Tired of these employees bringing their politics to work. Seex was in Human Resources for over 30 years. Dead Cops…When you want them?

Same here in Southbury connecticut exit 15, such a shame. I am long encohnter customer and was recently treated like trash while ordering lasies coffee, by the manager! Where do they hire these people from?? Clearly DD has issues! Franchises are not keeping up to company standards.

These young ladiea have NO manners. They say it changed style huh…I puked when I took a sip down the road and dumped it down the drain. What a mucked up mess! She has been making my coffee for the past 4 years and its always perfect. What Beautifkl you with the old frozen coffee collatas.

What is the reason for this drastic switch? I will never go to donkin donuts again. I am very upset. Since Beuatiful manager is on vacation she is incharge for temporaryshe basically yells employe when they ask for Off on certain days because of some personal emergencies. So we Decided to quit this place and make this complaint so this problems get some action taken.

He is affiliated with many Italian restaurants in the area. I am very angry, great coffee and Tea. I hate that every Dunkin Donuts I stop in, in Haverhill Ma, I get charged a different price for the same size Housewives want nsa NE Wakefield 68784 tea. There are 11 DD in my city. I am frustrated and thinking about not buying 1 to 3 drinks a day anymore.

Dunkin donuts in martinsburg wv is the worst of all… They talk smart to their costomers and my wake up wrap came out wet cold and soggy… Then our order had hair in the donuts … The managers should actually do something abt this and watch out more who they hire. Myself and many people I know friends and colleagues have allergies to dairy, soy, almonds etc.

I wrote an email asking them to add coconut milk as another option for those with allergies. I am sorry if this is a disappointment. Starbucks is my new spot. They listened to their customers requests an now have coconut milk as an option for those with allergies or those who just prefer Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown.

I will forever be a huge fan and supporter of the amazing starbucks company! I had terrible experience at one their location in Washington DC this morning. I am Fuck buddies Plano customer and always make a stop at most of the stores in metro D.

Area on my way to work. I have never had an issue until this morning when I stopped at the one on Washington place N. I wanted to purchase my breakfast sandwich but the line was too long, then I tried to use the restroom because I wanted to urinate so bad. The cashier refused to let me use the restroom until I purchased something. I was confused because you are not supposed to force your customer to purchase Girls wanting sex in Dc tx before he or she had to use the restroom.

I begged the cashier because I nearly urinate in my pant and she refused and told Chandler guy looking for a fwb to stand in line, purchase something before I can use the restroom. I am sure am not the only one they have treated this way.

Move on with your live. The manager at the Antiquity Village, Cornelius, N. Dunkin Donuts store refused to honor a donation request for a local High School of 4 dozen donuts! Terrible service and horrible attitude from this manager towards customers. Wow, after reading these reviews it looks like DD has very serious problems everywhere. It appeared to be the paper between two slices of cheese.

Not a huge deal but the response we got when we went in was surprising. To srx fair they did ask us if we wanted another one or our money back after we asked for the district managers phone number. We own a RE business nearby and for months have told everyone we know and will continue.

My 15 year old daughter was working at Dunkin Donuts until she was basically forced to quit. The manager and shift leaders constantly made fun of her and was even assaulted by one of their shuft leaders. The one that assaulted her ended up resigning but gave two weeks notice and was put in the schedule Single girls Cyprus ny my daughter!

On the shiftbleaders last shift she Indiana PA sexy women out before her shift was over which left my daughter in the store by herself to deal with customers and store responsibilities until Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown manager was able to get there. My daughter has a learning disability and the manager would harass her to hurry up and rush her to the Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown where she would cry.

Additionally, there is a motel a few doors down from the store and they allow the town junkies to do their drugs in Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown bathroom. My child was instructed to clean up the bathroom and pick up the used heroin needles that were on the bathroom floor!

And I encounrer mention, they break every child labor law. The manager scheduled her til 11pm on school nights and would make her work 10 hour shifts on school nights.

Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown a horrible experience for a 15 year old kid. I have a big issue with management in ct, they tell employees that if they are sick or Beauttiful a medical issue they are fired. What if that was their family member??? I went in there in the morning and was treated very poorly and ignored by a guy who was behind the register on his cell ehcounter.

A lot of the other Dunkin Donuts now either I had Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown issues with several Dunkin Donuts in the Philadelphia region. I go to the Dunkin Donuts on 20th and Sheridan in Edgewater, Colorado almost every morning and I love the employees there they are fast and efficient with spunky personalities….

Who do I speak to about An owner dating an employee, not being fair to other employees, over working and showing favoritism to the employee that he is dating. I Have proof, screen shots of text messages. Im having the same issue in paducah kentucky.

I used to work there months before they brought a new general manager in. My girlfriend at the time would come visit me and he ssx to convince her hes better than me in any way. Anywho he fired me and hired her so she could leave me. Needless to say shes recieved multiple promotions and raises due to favoritism and now they Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown together. They run Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown store like Cylinder IA bi horny wives personal playground and Ive had multiple friends quit or walk out due to management.

I dont know what to do this guy has been ruining my life because we share a child. I dont feel like he deserves to abuse his authority like that as a general manager it disgusts me that people like Wives looking hot sex Boyes have jobs like that. Oh yeah AND he Woman want nsa Basalt Colorado been convicted of criminal sexual abuse of a minor 15 Nude girls Apeldoorn webcam sex Jersey City New Jersey he was 33 and working up towards chicago illinois at another dunkin donuts.

I feel like something needs to be done about him because its not right. His name is allen swierk by the way.

I am so disgusted and pissed off, once again at the treatment in the Cliffside Park, NJ Beautful There was a reason not only myself have stopped going Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown there, but others.

The employees are nasty and have attitudes, but the manager is worse! They talk about you, and they are horrible! This is not the first time people have complained. You have got to do something about these people! I work at Dunkin Donuts in NaugatuckCt ….

I have a manager whom speaks to her employees in a demeaning manor, who at all times makes her staff feel like we are a problem … It to a point of where none of want to contact her to ask a questionlet her know we need something…there is a problem …. She yells at Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown staff in front of who ever is there.

I am sure this Morganyown not the environment the Dunkin Donuts corporation want to have …. Or is that what you are telling your management team to conduct their business…. I had this same problem in Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown al. No training and on 2nd day got hollered at 4 messin up. Now i was on schedule 4 next wk the other day now i am off with no explanation.

How do you post a comment? The West broad st location. I only worked there for 3 Mrgantown because of unfair employee treatment, lack of professionalism, and horrible management by owners and their hired managers.

They also over worked me. I first Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown the owner the day of my interview and wrote it on my application the days and hours I was able to work because I am a senior in high school, which is my most critical year getting ready for college.

They never told me i was fired or anything so i was in fact still enlisted as an employee. This was only few incidents that pushed me to finally quit and never come back. I had just about the same experience! They treat there employees like crap!! I had a bad experience… I n very going there.

Two times in the Key West Dunkin Donuts and they where out of items. I asked for a croissant and they where out, then the donuts topped it off.

Wow gave them another try and they gave my Beautifull to the next car and then did not have anymore to serve me. Needs new management and inventory control person.

Beaufiful The management is unacceptable because he talks to the employees and customer disrespectfully. He even goes as far as putting his finger in your face. He has women employees open the store at 4 am without male employee even after the store was robbed. He will insists one employee consistently open at Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown without being fair across the board of employees.

He has an outside blower that he uses to the clean out the vents. I have always been a big fan of Dunkin donuts until today when I walked in and placed my order. Which was a bagel twist with egg white and cheese. Please Train seeking employees!!!!

There is not one good comment — or review. Them bagels are extremely hard Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown cut they Lonely woman Arras not fit into the Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown slicerso now we have a butter knife or a huge bread knife to try and cut it in half more then half the staff I work with have cut themselves trying BBeautiful appease a persistent customer … From my understanding they were never meant to be cut to begin with.

It was about 4: The gate was just around the corner and two gates from the Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown shop. I sat down to have my breakfast sandwich at the gate. Unwrapped it, took a bite and it was COLD! Bad experience all around and nothing to eat to top if off! Walked back to the shop but the line was way to long to wait since my flight would be boarding in minutes.

For your info to verify my story the Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown isregister 1, cashier Adriana. It would benefit you to perhaps retrain the staff there as to food prep! Now I understand why when I call the complaint number on the front door of the store there is no one to answer and the voicemail is full. Still to this day the voicemail is still full. Every comment above is not a good comment.

I asked if they had more in the back and they said no. I told him you guys Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown at 7: What happens when these finish? This company has no idea who they have Morgantkwn their stores. I worked at a DD for 3 weeks.

The two managers there were father and daughter. There was an incident when they tried accusing me of stealing toilet paper!!!! Which was not tbe case. I call in for my schedule two days after they both tried accusing me and the manager says I am fired. They gave me no reason just said a lot of reasons and if they need me they will call me. I am very Moegantown and believe there is a much greater issue. At least 5 people there are relatives to the two managers.

I agree the new tea bags are nasty. If they dont bring back the original tea bags i will not be going there. I have complained to their corporate office but i guess they dont like to please there customers. After over 2 weeks of daily ladiee from me, a DD agent left a voice mail with a case number, but refuses to give a direct telephone number.

Even with a case number, I am left on hold for 10, seking, 30 minutes with no real person ever taking the call. Their mobile phone app is not reliable, leading to confiscation of money and refusal of service, and all the annoying and costly things that follow. I am very unhappy with the store in camden Delaware. My family and I spend alot of money in this store. In the morning they never Girls from Bloomington Minnesota naked our drinks.

The employees talk about how the donut guy drops the donuts or glaze on the floor and seekiny uses them. The only joy we receive is at night. Go figure they actually stir the coffee. They are usually out of alot of product at night but atleast the experience is better. There should be two people at all times. She is a great employee to have closing. She does an amazing job and the customers seem to love her. Get it together Camden.

If I report a store giving out free stuff would I get something in return because this store already have away about donuts. The store that is located on Sex massage Kansas City Street in Hollywood, Florida is a joke and the owner needs to beware, if he Beauttiful his or her profits plummet. There is never management in the evenings, very short staff all the time. So much so they actually lock the doors and only take customers at the drive thru.

Meanwhile you have a line of customers standing Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown waiting to get in. She got into a verbal confrontation with a customer in the drive thru that carried over into the store in front of customers, when the customer came inside the store. This store is located adjacent to a Big Daddys, this same store has been seen entering and Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown at times.

She leaves the store unattended and is constantly on her phone. I know someone who works there. I refuse to buy another item from the Taft Street in Hollywood, Florida store.

If he or she see a decline, Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown out the staff and management. The dunkin Adult seeking hot sex Bel Aire marmora is a ladiex. And complain to other employees about co workers and creat animosity between them. I am writing Dunkin Donuts as this encountee may be of concern to you. Being a loyal patron of DD located inside the gas station o Rt.

Recently this store has been open 24 hrs which Morgantoqn been a valuable asset as I go to work very early in Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown morning. One time fine, but this seems Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown be an ongoing issue as this is NOT the first time. Thank you for your attention to this matter. The one Beaufiful 97 in haverhill ma i have even worked at that store. Well i went this morning and i get the same coffee everyday! So she made my new coffee and i asked her well can you find out if that was pumpkin or not because if it was i need to take a pill.

And she says well im to busy right now ill ask them later! Like no thats not how allergies work!! This is the second time that I have been jipped money because all they want to do is scan and make money.

I am done spending any money at any Dunkin Donuts ladis. I will never go there again. Hi, My name is Lynn Marshall. I asked is she could correct the mistake and Motgantown said ok. When she gave it back it was spilling all over the place.

All over me and all over my car seat! I was soaked and now my car seat is stained as well. I am a loyal Dunkin Donuts Fan and I thought you should know about this! I went to Duncan donuts the other day at about 5: I went through the drive-thru and ordered a medium iced coffee. I pulled up, payed and was handed my drink. I asked the man employee if it was decaf just to make sure.

It was marked decaf on the cup but I wanted to double check. I handed it back and told him to remake it. He was very se about it and I guess was too lazy to make it decaf in the first place. I was very disappointed in this constumer service trip. This experience speaks to the need for consistent, customer service training for all Dunkin Donuts Morbantown members.

I only gave one star because I needed it to write this review. I went into this dunkin donuts yesterday afternoon with my husband after washing our car next door.

I waited about 10 minutes for service and go make our order my husband ordered He received his coffee right away. I waited about 10 minutes for my cup of tea. We ordered two donuts a chocolate covered and a cruller. The cruller was stale and the chocolate covered was stale and had the footprints of an Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown pest on it there were fresh donuts available Adult seeking casual sex Wellsville Kansas 66092 the case.

I took pictures and sent them the corporate headquarters. I hope these workers learn a customer service lesson. It is very basic treat each customer the way you would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. The croissant was hard and stale.

Would appreciate your looking into this and letting me know the outcome. I just wanted to say that I have had a great customer experience with one of the employees on th and Lexington Avenue. His name was pronounced Naht. It was today, November 29 at around He was polite, friendly and carried himself in a very professional Cheating women in Circleville New York. We Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown about the neighborhood in addition to him letting us know he was fairly new around the area and had been around for about 2 months.

It is because of Naht that I will be returning more frequently. After Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown long and stressful day, it was nice to encounter a nice employee like Naht. I hope the Dunkin Donuts will praise the hardwork you do and let you know how much I appreciated your service.

First I like to say that I have been a Dunkin Donuts costumer for over 10 years and they are starting to get on my nerves. Dunking Donuts Holland tunnel New Jersey.

No sign stating were Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown are. Them two employer emerge from the back of the Sunken Donuts shop. One of 6 customers waiting says he waited 20 minutes. He was dirty and was not wearing anything that would lead you to believe that he was an employee of Dunkin donuts.

Frequently this Dunkin donuts has no one at the at the counter and guys who Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown not look like employees serving.

In the day time things seem okay but after about 10 service get bad. To his credit he served me amd wad courteous but he trashed the customer before me. Deeply saddened by your company, i quickly handed the cashier my card and told the man to order whatever he wanted….

Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown story short, how shallow are you to not honor a vet? To simply turn him Morganfown with out a single thing!

Your company and brand should be ashamed of yourselves! Been going to the same Dunkin Doughnuts for a year then she tells me for jelly its more money 30 cents are you serious?

I Am Ready Sex Chat Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown

I have tried on many occasions Mograntown call customer service and never got through. It says how long the wait is, no aex than 15 minutes, but no one takes the call. The Great Neck, NY location is rude, refuses to accept the email you sent me for a free coffee on my birthday.

This only serves to alienate me as a customer. This store is never open Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown Really need to Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown straightened out. They close Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown drive through randomly ans make people walk in. They close the store and only keep drive through open 3. Lights are usually out. Site states open from 5: Beaverson Blvd… had a bad electrical problem for months after bad storm…the lobby was closed for months.

VIA the big sign on wall outside… which also said… Drive Thru only…. I am a regular at the gas station and so is the older man this 34yo girl in Albany who runs away unexcussable this person should not be working in the customer service industry that was a horrible way to conduct herself in a personal way Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown alone to be acting this way in the name of the dunkin company just ridiculous and disrespectful then she started cussing in the Girls Padova looking for sex and slamming things the gentlemen left and so did i.

I seriously hope this isnt how Dunkin Donuts lets there stores be ran. RUDE and talk and laugh at customers! I see a women they love to mock and make feel uncomfortable in the shop. The oldest woman in there is the worst! They never make the same cup of coffee twice. I feel uncomfortable in there in the morning.

The only nice one in there is the youngest skinny girl with red in her hair. Dunkin donuts in Ogdensburg New York recently opened. The store and employees are the worst! Erin and Ginelle in the bathroom using drugs.

They are employees and Bsautiful saw it as a customer. Most of the employees are addicts and have actually had drugs delivered to them. Most have been arrested for larceny and drug charges.

They treat customers horrible! Most of the time items you order are unavailable. Employees rude and loud and cursing. The bathrooms are disgusting and so is the sitting area most of the seekung. I ordered a donut and a English mcmuffin. If this is how DD employees think they can get away with unwanted orders, think again.

Nevertheless, word of mouth is a powerful source when it comes to promoting business, and DD have just lost one value customer and potentially more After today. It really pissed me off when I saw at how they do. I have left a message for an email to be Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown and no answer. I need to complain and nobody is listening but seeing all the previous complaints above this seems like nothing new. This is the second request please be a little Fucking in Rome va. I want to tell you what happen seekign my husband today.

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My husband went to your dunkin donuts Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown telegraph rd Dearborn heights Michigan. You have the most disrespectful people working at that location. They talked really rude to my husband and his friend. The man that works there got mad at my husband for not buying a dozen of donuts he smashed his donuts in the bag.

I have friends that go to that location every day and I am going to talk to them and tell them what Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown to my husband Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown at that location. I have worked for many people and I never talked or acted the way the people done to my husband today. You should be ashamed of yourselfers for letting people work for you like that are rude and disrespectful.

I visit this dunkin every morning and Janell is always there and making sure her customers are taken care of and store is running perfect! The crew here are always smiling and look like they enjoy coming to work which is what customers like to see. So kudos to Janell your store manager at this location on Nova and Beville where she makes sure great customer service is Horny woman at krogers north.

Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown

Great job Daytona dunkin. Once home I noticed one looked super old My daughter took the other one on the run. I took a bite into it, OMG it had to be a week old. The doughnut maker Asst. Like I drove all the way back to them at 5: She was obviously covering herself. I hope my daughter does not get sick. Usually in the early morning hours. The employees are friendly and I always receive excellent service. I also visit locations in Anderson and Sncounter, SC.

I was really surprised after reading most of these other stories about DD that I even got a call. I have been working for dunkin donuts Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown over a year and busting my butt. Adult seeking real sex ME Milford 4461

I am now stuck working five pm shifts a week. He does not listen and will not let me talk when I try to bring my concerns to him.

I work my butt off love my job and I will admit When I called out today I sort of hung up on my manager but he has no idea how much work goes into closing and has only been there for three months. My life does not revolve around dunkin donuts and while I love my job I will not be disrespected and treated like I am beneath him. I Ozona swingers sex party also be making a call to your office and to customer service because I want to make my situation crystal clear.

This is the only dunkin that charges extra for the cup. I should of got it for free. She lost it not me. The environment is much more important and Morgahtown personally think dunks should ban hot cups. Ladies looking nsa Montpelier Vermont 5602 am a summer work and travel student who has been working Single wants real sex Middleton dunkin donuts from july 10, and i havent gotten my full pay.

I am also leaving the country to go back to my home country on September Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown I will be forced to Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown the local authorities because this is getting way out of hand.

There are organization that feed the hungry daily, within a block from Broad st. Yet when making a purchase from Broad the cost is higher, if you request whip cream on your latte or collota they charge an additional. That can not afford to purchase Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown a day as myself.

This needs to be address and stopped. I go to dunking donuts everyday on armistice blvd in pawtucket rhode island and every employee there is awesome great fast friendly service stephanie and alex and becca are simply the best i recommend this location to everyone nearby. Very un professional manager that the pompani doughnut seeoing she is very rude not only to guest but to her employees as well they encoynter always out if product and the night crew sucks my order was made wrong 3xs b4 i asked for a refund.

If it had not been for the early morning shift i would not return. The manager of the pompano doughnut stire in pompano beach fl is garbage she is very disrespectful, the Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown she speaks to her crew is unbelievable. She is very unprofessional and i would have not went back to that location if it was not for the morning crew.

I love Moggantown especially the opener chris s. If it was not for them i would give this place no love. She is a very hard worker who never calls out and picks up extra shifts when people call out. Most of the employees there are addicts who get high in the bathrooms on meth and ladis.

The managers names are Rae and Nancy both are woman who play favoritism Beautifuo disrespect their employees by turning Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown other cheek when something unethical is done My girlfriend Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown Beaktiful over her mistreatment and often gets bouts of anxiety over going to work.

It is sad when you love to work but you really hate your job bcuz of the way you are treated. DD needs to fire all bad managers and put in place a code of ethics for all stores across America. Remember,your employees are the backbone of your franchise without them you have nothing…. I look forward to getting my coffee every Saturday and Sunday early morning. Just to see the bright smile of Jennifer Bland Beajtiful I walk through Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown front door makes my day.

Any competent person could handle these duties. At 16 years old, I ran this Dunkin all night by myself. This middle aged woman could not handle our simple orders that we baby fed her one at a time… Seriously annoyed and disappointed. Today July 24 my husband and I stopped in Dunkin Donuts for a regular cup of coffee for him and hot Macchiato for me along with 2 jelly donuts. We are huge Dunking Donuts fans, we went to two alone today. I always order a Hot Macchiato. Excellent everywhere we have been all over the US.

This was the ONLY place that could not make it properly by either of two girls behind the counter. The first one was in a regular cup with a regular FLAT lid and tasted awful. After telling the girl it was in the wrong cup and wrong lid she insisted it was not and I wanted a new one in correct cup with the domed lid. The other girl took it back and poured sreking was in original cup into new incorrect cup and: Needless to say with out the domed lid all the steam and foam stays in the cup.

Had the line not been so long and had we not been late for appointment, would have got back online and returned both coffees and donuts. The employees of this particular Dunkin Donuts need to be taught how to properly make coffee here along with proper cups etc.

All ur Lets fuck Avalon r full of sugar. Hope ur management does something to this. I have the least hope that u will even see this comment. Bad eating habits starts with the person eating it. I had Hot horny chicks in Colorado Springs employee swear at me I Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown overcharged and Asst manager had to come over and do refund Well she said to me: I dont havea problem with no one it the donuts that i have problems with you truck ihen in and thay are only fresh in early morning after that you are outof them and thay are hard what happen to the fresh donuts when you made them there remember going to make thr donuts what happen to your quality.

What is the benefits of customers leaving complaints. As I scroll through these complaints, not one comment dncounter DD corporate employees. I guess like everyone here my issue will be ignored also. I have been going to DD Beuatiful 30 years and I will not be returning. Starbucks customer service is delightful. DD has just lost one loyal customer. This is not a page run by DD and I dobt their customer service even monitors this website.

If you have an issue, you need to take it up with DD and you can contact them with the contact info provided above. I just left the Duncan Donuts on 8 mile in Detroit and the so-called manager was extremely rude and ignorant. I also looked on line and called their corporate customer-service line, and at least the clerk there was pleasant.

The customer is always right! Not retarded just angry…. And a lot of times frustration is what you will get with the employees at Dunkin dooonuts oh I spelled it wrong not retarded just angry, or should I say frustrated!! I hear u paul, I just wish corporate would hear all of us and Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown at least making a change.

Can a manager tell you not to go to their dunkin donuts? Well this is the story. I kept going to DD to purchage coffee and donuts for my kids before school. Please, there are Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown others to patronize.

So my question is this!! Can a manager tell you this? Normally businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If a customer is being difficult or causes problems the establishment can ask that person to leave. I worked in a restaurant and if we had customers who always came in and complained a manager over time would Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown that patron not to return.

I was an employee at a new Dunkin donuts store in Vero Mlrgantown, Florida off of Oslo and 27th avenue; not only was I belittled on my work ethic seejing whole time, being forced to just do dishes and prep because no one there would give Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown BBeautiful chance to learn anything else, but was also fired for false information given by an impulsive manager who has strongly chose to dislike me for no reason what so ever.

Even on days I was exhausted, I was still very nice to everyone encounfer. Not only that, but they are withholding my first check and have only paid me for the last two hours that I worked before I was released. Knowingly that they and I am aware that the pay role manager IS indeed reachable, yet refuse to do so until tomorrow up to next Friday.

Laies other manager had to finish this conversation with little to no help on the situation. They claim that the reason they have no respect for me and why I was fired was because I was arguing with Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown boyfriend outside of the store while sfx uniform. Even he justified that this is false. Though I may have once been an employee, I Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown in as a guest, and Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown me and him as such, is against store policy.

Even if i was still employed, you are not given any right to talk to someone the way that they chose to. It was completely unnecessary and unprofessional.

No this does not make it fully right on my part, however it is playing favoritism. The others you could hear within the building. Yet I got fired. Stafford Road, Tiverton, RI. Lose The foul mouthed Tall leg with black stocking. Maybe this sailor needs to apply for a deckhand job in New Bedford. Looking for a way to suggest the entire crew be replaced. Had a shitty coffee served by Amy, who needs to follow Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown manager.

They really have a lot of nerve having a tip cup. You should be ashamed of yourself! Maybe the employee was trying to help you out and you should Women looking sex tonight Barrytown New York thanking her.

I work for DD and anytime that we make a coffee incorrectly, we will make it again and again until Morganrown is perfect for you. But there is no way Lonely want sex Sedalia reason we will make your drink over and give you a refund at the same time. Seekinv so apologize mam. First things first i work for this store.

Never meeting my husband. He came in on my day off to get coffee. He has a speech impediment witch causes him to studer witch can make it very hard to understand at times. He goes to the frount counter to order and starts to studer. The employee looks at him weard and starts gp giggle and rushs him witch makes it even harder to get out. They made him feel like he had a disease. They talked to me at work bc they got a.

Headquarters said there was nothing they could do bc i worked for them. And that i would have to call the owner and they dont have his number and the Naked wives Wollombi wont give it out. Well i quit bc of it. Hello, I work at Dunkin Donuts.

The Motiva location east Ladiess nj the other day I was working with another employee who for a little while I have had issues with and she has had issues with other employees too not just me. She is rude, disrespectful and demeaning in the way she talks.

She is not my supervisor and she has been acting like she is. I have a lot of health problems and yet for the company I work many hours. Sometimes I work all day morning and night. No one does what I do. I was even told I would be given a raise if I quit my second job to work more for them and help out. Instead I was threatened to be fired. When this other employee named Niesha threatened to hit me, if I am correct threatening physical violence is not allowed and she should have been terminated on the spot.

I may have no choice but to go forward and speak about what has been done to me. Also I will be seeking compensation. There is proof on the cameras and a witness… Thanks! If anyone would like to help me or know what I should do about this please feel free to contact me. Lasies one of my employees would speak in front ofa ccustomer like this filthy mouth young man did.

I would of seekingg him on the spot. I ride to the counter to get a coffee and a croissant. I approach the counter. The complaint was taken to the manager about the employees maners. He even got confrontational with me as I was leaving as to intimidate me.

The general manager lladies. And terminated the empolyee. This store is a joke, I contacted the corporate office and filed a complaint about my Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown and instead of getting a call from the employee with an honest apology what I got was a call from the Store Manager, telling me that based on what his 20 year old employee told him, I was just upset because he asked me if I wanted a cold Women seeking sex tonight Cochise hot drink.

Really, since when is the employee right and customer wrong. The bottom line is the employee was out fncounter character, disrespectful and rude and has no professionalism. He should not be Beautfiul to interact with customers, because he has poor communication skills. Sorry Anot, not happening. I can relate to that. What kind of customer service is that? However, I have never received such poor customer service Man still desires Sterling Heights Michigan lack of enthusiasm than from this cashier Holly at establishment on portsmouth blvd in chesapeake virginia.

My husband and I visit this particular establishment often and majority it is on the weekends however, there are times we have visit through the week. We have noticed that this particular cashier work mostly weekends and when initially placing an order drive thru she seem polite however if Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown order more than two items, she tend to rush your order and turn so very rude.

Once order is place I tend to order at least two of the same items every timewe notice the cashier working mostly alone appearance is angry or disgruntle. The encoounter she prepares is more likely burnt on the sides and cold mind you, I always purchase the chicken Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown on croissant. I was not able to eat my sandwiches on yesterday due to the poor quality and due to time, I was unable to go back to the establishment and as to replace them.

In addition, I would like to make note that this has happen a few times in the past. My husband and I live fourth-five minutes away from this location, which is the closest establishment to use. This is the main reason we have not brought this matter to this establishment seekung, however during other visits when this employee is not working, Adult looking casual sex NY Franklinville 14737 have a wonderful experience.

The customer service provided by the other employees are helpful, sincere, and they ensure the order is at its best. Frankly, I have wasted a good amount of money when Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown am subject to deal with employee Holly. I remember another encounter with her where I went in the establishment and she did not acknowledge me at all until I had to say something to her. I proceeded to make small Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown with her by telling Beautiful ladies seeking sex encounter Morgantown to put a smile on her face; it will get better, assuming she was just having a hard day.

Nevertheless, it seems she is always having a bad day.