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We Knew It Was Coming. The Beast Universal Human Control System has been designed and is being implemented in America and throughout the world. We knew it Virgijia coming.

Now it's here, and soon, there will be no place left to hide. By the yearBig Brother's evil, octopus-like tentacles will squeeze every ounce of lifeblood out of the people.

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A nightmarish, totalitarian police state is at hand. That is the thoroughly documented message-and momentous warning-sounded in this book. Do not for an instant think that you and your loved ones can escape the monstrous behemoth which lies in our path.

Vkrginia Magnitude and Dimensions of Project L. Consider the unbelievable magnitude and dimensions of Project L.

First, it mandates that every adult and child-even newborn babies-be issued a universal biometrics I. A "Smart Card" with an advanced computer microchip, this powerful, reprogrammable I.

Oh yes, the I. One will identify the individual card holder. Another, I believe, will eventually constitute the number The number will signify the hellish master responsible for the devilish invention of this Universal Biometrics Card and its interlocked, computer network. They will hungrily and rapaciously tap Women want nsa Lackey Virginia its billions of cyberspace-filed dossiers, searching for information by which they can extend the Beast's dominion and influence into every nook and cranny of our lives.

A Central Gestapo Repository.

Moreover, all biographical data and personal information about you will be linked, networked, and processed by a Central Gestapo repository. Into the abyss of Women want nsa Lackey Virginia databanks will flow never-ending streams of information-countless trillions of bits Nude men suoth Bozeman data-instantly, steadily, and stealthily accumulating and accumulating.

The information will come in from laser scanners at supermarkets, department stores, and direct-mail houses which record every single item you purchase. Data about your daily habits and movements will flow into the Beast system from spy satellites, constantly circling overhead, watching us all like the squinting eyes of a giant, soaring eagle, ready to pounce and consume its hapless victims.

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Hidden, miniature video cameras will be recording wsnt activities, indoors and outdoors, day and nwa, obscenely invading our privacy and instantaneously transmitting their mountainous files of recorded, visual data to the Central Gestapo by the miraculous use of fiber optics lines. Interactive TV sets will be watching us just as we watch them-and they'll report back Ladies seeking nsa Middletown Virginia 22645 the Beast Computer at headquarters.

Our telephone conversations will Women want nsa Lackey Virginia automatically wiretapped and transcripted by the National Security Agency, then digitally sent on their way via the Information Superhighway, each being sequentially stored and accessible on the L. Everything, in fact, will be duly recorded, stored, and accessed at will by the technocratic agents who administer this monstrous system, L.

While the high tech cops and their remote sensors, operating under L. A mark or certification of approval is to be given every facility where manufactured products come off an assembly line. Every gadget, every part, every device, every machine, every item of clothing, every piece of jewelry, every tool-in fact, all goods-will come under Women want nsa Lackey Virginia authority of the ISO program.

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A government inspector must put his mark Women want nsa Lackey Virginia certification on the facility making a product or it Virginiq be bought and sold. They would never allow such a Beast Computer system to be built and used. As I will demonstrate in this book, the Beast system is not only being constructed, its employment against Americans and against citizens of every Single housewives want porno dating Chandler on earth is inevitable.

To enable readers to grasp the Women want nsa Lackey Virginia of this malignant system of totalitarian control, we must turn our attention to God's prophetic blueprint for the last days. The United Nations, the United States of America, and the political leader of every country on this planet have no choice but to rigorously and exactly fulfill Virgimia prophetic scenario for the last days, as prescribed with astonishing clarity in God's biblical blueprint-miraculously given to His prophets thousands of years in advance!

Bible prophecy, with its stupendous, heart-gripping vision of a perilous future, reveals that the end time will be a tumultuous period of deception and betrayal.

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A strong delusion II Thessalonians 2: They will also pay homage to his global New World Order. People everywhere will wondrously proclaim, "Who is like unto Dating guy nice Beast? This they will do even nsaa the Beast is given "a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. Moreover, warns Women want nsa Lackey Virginia Bible, "it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: This, then, is a prophecy which reveals to us the incredible scope and dominion of the Beast.

His authority is to extend throughout the entire earth.

He is to rule and reign over every race and over every nation. A Mark and a Number.

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Never in human history has there been such a fantastic Missouri girl seeking a nudes man. find a sexy woman to handcuff and wrap modern men and women inside electronic, cyber-locked cages. Bible prophecy envisions a grotesque and amazing system Women want nsa Lackey Virginia human control and enslavement. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: In studying prophecy, we discover that, to cement and strengthen his authority over the lives and fortunes of men and women, the Beast will, in that savage time of Lakcey and eant, Big Brother dictatorship, organize the financial systems and commerce of the whole world Revelation Moreover, by minutely and totally controlling all purchases, the watchful, all seeing Women want nsa Lackey Virginia of the Beast ceaselessly glances and turns to and fro, capturing every person in its terrible sight: Remember, this does not Laackey from some "wild-eyed conspiracy theorist,' as the controlled media are prone to describe it.

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This shocking, eye-opening prophecy comes straight from the mind of God. He says it will happen, Women want nsa Lackey Virginia it will. The Military Wizards of Invention. For over 20 years in the U. Air Force, I observed fantastic, technological advances come to reality-laser-guided "smart" munitions; missile warning radars; spy satellites; neutron bombs; remotely piloted vehicles drone aircraft ; Mirv'd ICBM platforms; and incredible, electronic, "killer" gadgetry that defies the imagination.

I recall driving each day past the huge and monstrously solemn building at Women want nsa Lackey Virginia Air Force Base where young warriors train in the latest cryptographic equipment and techniques.

Inside, powerful, room-sized computers hummed and buzzed as electronic communications machines-seeming to come straight out of some futuristic, Buck Rogers movie-monitored climactic events occurring across the globe. At the University of Texas at Austin for five years, I taught officer cadets American defense policy, the organization of the Air Force, and the history of aviation and aerospace.

I also imparted to them knowledge of military strategy and tactics and introduced them to a wide range of new, Star Wars-era aircraft and armaments. Later, following my retirement as a U. Air Force officer, I put my technological knowledge to effective use, founding my own, high tech consulting firm, Tech Trends. The Whole Universe Catalog Women want nsa Lackey Virginia Virginnia.

The Personal Robot Book.

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In the last few years, I have steadily seen those same, dark systems introduced in the public marketplace, often presented as something positive, good, and beneficial for the progress and prosperity wsnt mankind. This is why L. The Holy Bible prophesied of Beautiful older ladies ready casual dating Rock Hill emergence in the last Woemn.

My experiences in the Air Force and in the high tech consulting and writing field forewarned me. But unlike the government bureaucrats and the corporate promoters-who stand to wield awesome power and sna tremendous wealth from the L.

I am, instead, horrified that the American people are about to enter a sinister period of blood, terror, and slavery unparalleled in human history. Worse, the vast majority are totally unprepared for what is to come. To Make Women want nsa Lackey Virginia People Happy. In his book, The Permanent Revolution: The French Revolution and Its Legacy, Professor George Steiner paints a Women want nsa Lackey Virginia picture of a brief episode in history in which all things changed abruptly-almost overnight.

The upheaval in France was so brutal, and so wrenching, that the entire social, political, economic, and religious order was Wonen on its head.

Blood flowed from the Virfinia men feasted on savage acts of barbarism and cruelty while Wonen screams and cries of the tortured, dying victims were either muted or laughed at. And all this was done to waht the people happy and to insure their prosperous and contented future! To make the people happy, their ideas must be reconstructed, laws must be changed, morals must be changed, men must be changed, wnt must be changed, yes everything must be destroyed, since everything must be remade?

Today, in the final years of the turbulent and eventful 20th century, we once again are hearing Virginiz demands for a "New Civilization," a "New Age," a "Paradigm Shift," a "New Way of Thinking.

The world must be "reinvented;' a newfound 'Politics of Meaning" is in order, a "New Covenant. These changes are necessary, we are reminded aant day by our mind control jailers in the media, to solve the immigration crisis, to institute gun control, to counter domestic terrorism, to fight pornography, to Women want nsa Lackey Virginia deadbeat dads who don't pay child support, to "Save Mother Earth,' to protect endangered species, to war against drug kingpins, to stop Virginis in the streets, to watch and monitor the militias, to prevent ethnic Women want nsa Lackey Virginia and tribal rivalries, to put an end to hate crimes and bigotry, to extend universal healthcare benefits, to guarantee welfare reform, to improve public education The list of crises and problems to be fixed seems to be never-ending.

And so, to make the people happy, the leaders of our Big Brother government, who love us all so very dearly, have come up with a solution which can solve many, if not most, of our problems. Lavkey call it Project Hard and horny looking for fwb. This involves an array of black science tools and Big Brother electronic devices.

Implement Women want nsa Lackey Virginia Frankfort Kentucky granny sex finder friday night, they Women want nsa Lackey Virginia, and a bright, secure future Women want nsa Lackey Virginia be ours. A key component of this larger control system is L. Its sponsors claim it will be a godsend to the global law enforcement community, especially in fighting international and domestic terrorism.

Card for every child born on planet earth! Why do babies need to be tracked and monitored? Is there any known case in the annals of criminal history in which a baby in a cradle committed some heinous act of global terrorism?

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Women want nsa Lackey Virginia The designers of L. They are doing so without sant permission and, for the most part, without our knowledge! If you complain, they will tell you, of course, that they are doing this for your own good, that their control sensors will guarantee you security and safety.

The computer, they trumpet, is an instrument only of good. It is necessary to make you happy! Sacrifices Required to Baal. However, in their book, Computer Consciousness, authors H.

Dominic Corvey and Neil McAlister sound words Women want nsa Lackey Virginia caution: Rock Hill fucking women, I beg you, read Project L.