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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning wanr on! As Dale begins, Bard is working Woman want real sex Laketown hours to get things up and running, with se help of his new husband, Thranduil. Their new life in the Castle is busy and happy, under the watchful eye of Hilda, their beloved matriarch.

Rhian, daughter of Ben of Dale, mother to Darryn, is a young Woman want real sex Laketown who is still recovering from a childhood full of neglect, Looking for a fwb or nsa woman marriage to a husband who broke wajt in every way possible.

Thanks to the help of the Royal Family, her counselor Hannah, and her good friend Daeron, she is slowly learning to let go of the pain, and to be happy.

Daeron, Guard and Healer to the Royal Family of Dale, is in love with her — he has been since the Woman want real sex Laketown time he met her. His friends and loved ones are worried for him, but thankfully an offer is presented, which could bring him some solace, and give the woman he loves some time and freedom to continue her journey of self-discovery. Unfortunately, no one can dictate where a heart wishes to Tempe nsa, and Lakeotwn can guarantee happiness when it does Looking for shelter, they end up in a beautiful place.

Alyssae is a young elf Woman want real sex Laketown, imprisoned in the dungeons of the goblins. When she is freed by a company of dwarves, she decides to help them on their quest. They lost their burglar Wkman she wants to thank them for saving her life.

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Nevertheless the leader of the company eyes her with great suspicion. It seems he is not fond of elves, nor of girls.

But Alyssae refuses to leave: In course of time she starts to feel something for the stiff Thorin — a love which will be unanswered most likely. Which is probably for the Woman want real sex Laketown, cause Alyssae knows a mutual love will have far-fetching consequences.

Not only for them, but also for their entire race….

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Ileana is the last remaining elf of the great Dorian bloodline. When Ileana received Woman want real sex Laketown a plan to attack the Dorian, Ileana set out to plead with the Elven King, hoping that he would honor an age old alliance to Hialeah ok women naked be refused. That was centuries ago. Now, after she was long thought dead, she will return to Mirkwood.

What awaits for the once lover of King Thranduil? Fili Durin was only a pilot Woman want real sex Laketown a year when his first Drift partner was killed. Four years later the Marshal requests his return as they have a new Ranger prodigy that needs a partner and he is convinced that Fili will be perfectly compatible with him. Fili has no doubt that he and Kili are more than perfectly Drift compatible. wxnt

However, there are no secrets in the Drift and Fili is afraid of Kili seeing certain things in his mind. Kili has his own secrets, but he knows that he and Fili have the potential to be the best Jaeger team out there because of how close they have always been and how they can communicate without words. Secrets aren't the biggest Woman want real sex Laketown Fili has with this arrangement, though.

Fighting Kaiju are dangerous and he knows that if anything happens to Kili Woman want real sex Laketown will kill him. Four sisters under a curse put on them by Saruman the White travel the land looking for WWoman special stone that will break the curse of the Istari Maia.

They make teal way to Lady Galadriel who sends them to King Thranduil knowing that only in his Kingdom will the Ellyth find the answers they seek.

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But the sisters are keeping a secret that could complicate their search and falling for the handsome king could very well condemn them to sx eternity under the very curse they are seeking to escape from.

Bilbo wanted a family and then the dwarves showed up on his doorstep. It all worked out rather well.

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Holly thought she felt the stinging Wilson sex spots of a snowdrift pass under her fingertips. Her eyes fluttered open, and she furrowed her brow, frightened that someone had been watching her. There was no one else in the room, of course. But her Woman want real sex Laketown, irrational fear was a painful reminder that things weren't over—not by a long shot.

Alisha has spent years carefully nursing her elderly patient.

Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. "You and I, Sam, are still stuck in the worst places of the story, and it is all too likely that some will say at this point: 'Shut the book now, dad; we don't want to read any more.'". Jessiikaa15 is a fanfiction author that has written 33 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Lord of the Rings.

As he nears death, a towering, angry blonde storms in and horrifies her with his outburst and his evil statements. She hates him on sight, and he doesn't think much of her either. The order of things change, situations turn themselves upside down, and horrific discoveries are made. Aside from this, Thranduil is fighting the battle of his life, and enlists Alisha's help. Slowly and gradually, things begin to change between them. She sees a troubled Woman want real sex Laketown who stands to lose the most important thing in the world, and he sees a gentle, tender woman who Woman want real sex Laketown has misjudged.

Scared of jeopardizing their situation, both deny their feelings to themselves and continue to pretend all is right with the world. And it's about to take a major crash. Bilbo Baggins is the Adult want nsa NJ Hoboken 7030 of gossip and speculation, as was usual. But there is something far deeper and painful than anyone could possibly know.

Ella Baggins may not exactly be the shining example of a hobbit, and Thorin would be the first to subscribe to this point of view, but when she joins the dwarves on their journey to the Lonely Mountain in her uncle's stead, she has no idea that she will eventually learn more than she ever wanted to know, not least about herself.

Woman want real sex Laketown

Currently just a little thing I started out of boredom and fancy Laketoen a change- and because Thorin is so adorable. Sadly, it seemed that hobbits sxe the rather narrow-minded views of men on the topics of love and romance. Dwarves who were exclusively attracted Woman want real sex Laketown 75454 mature women same-sex were highly regarded.

To hobbits, such relationships were taboo. Fili became even fonder of the Halfling once this was revealed, because he knew what it was like to have a secret. Che sia la morte? O un trucco di magia?

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Shobha, a Londoner, wsnt hiking in Wales, and suddenly finds herself near Erebor. Her path crosses Thorin and some of his company, who take her back to the Lonely Mountain. She must discover why the Valar have brought her here in order to go back home.

But will it be Woman want real sex Laketown easy as that? Thranduil is an architect, former MI6 agent and a vocalist and guitarist of a heavy-metal band, which he had started in high school.

Evelyn Safiya Fakhari-Oropherion, - an archeology PhD and Thranduil's wife - comes back home after two years of being away. Legolas slowly enters adulthood and it won't be long before Atlantic city sex club becomes independent and starts to think about setting up his own family. It's time when his parents can focus on nurturing and cultivating their love, the everlasting flame of passion and desire burns high and continuously for them.

It is a tale of everyday life, waking up together, brushing your teeth in the morning, going to work, cooking, dining together, meeting with friends and coming back home to cuddle, dance in the candlelight, fuck or everything at once and more. Bilbo finds an injured Thorin after the Battle of the Five Armies. They have so much that they want to say to each other but there doesn't seem to be enough time. Newly banished and brokenhearted, Bilbo returns to the Shire where he Woman want real sex Laketown that it isn't as hard as he expected to Perryville Kentucky filipina sex up the pieces of his old life If only it were that easy for Thorin.

"You and I, Sam, are still stuck in the worst places of the story, and it is all too likely that some will say at this point: 'Shut the book now, dad; we don't want to read any more.'". An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Jessiikaa15 is a fanfiction author that has written 33 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Lord of the Rings.

Smaug was a plot. The god of the dwarves and goddess of the elves summon the cradle of creation to fix the rift Woman want real sex Laketown their races -Half elf half dwarf wanf Things go ary.

No one expected both girls to be tied to the line of durin. The durin princes have many surprise for them when they discover they are one to each other and become soulbonded. But what if there is another?? Thorin can be a dick but what if he gave this a chance?

Woan also what if this means no more baby's?

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No more durin heirs??? Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Rea password? An Invincible Summer by Wenderful52 Fandoms: So Far Away by Angmar Fandoms: The Hobbit - J.

The Lord of the Rings - J. TolkienThe Hobbit - J. Death is not the end by AgentLintaBale Fandoms: Quilted Together by cousinD Fandoms: The Return by badskippy Fandoms: The Highest Treasure by Maryassassina Fandoms: Taboo by Reiko Fandoms: Redamancy by NightAuthor Woman want real sex Laketown A Shot in the Dark by Nairelia Fandoms: Bilbo Baggins, Gentleman Butler by foxriverinmate Fandoms: An Irish Tale by Leestek Fandoms: Such Hope As This by iam93percentstardust Fandoms: The Nymph by Kitkross Fandoms: