Discover Why The Elite 90 Adjustable PowerBlock Dumbbells Are The Best Online?

PowerBlock Elite 90 Dumbbells

Getting ripped and having great triceps is actually pretty easy with a set of PowerBlock Elite 90 dumbbells. What’s hard is summoning the discipline and dedication needed to do so.

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A lot of people think that going to the gym is the best solution for getting those six pack abs or having formidable pectoral muscles. The truth of the matter is, anyone can have a better figure even when they’re staying at home to workout.

Of course they’ll need to invest in only the best fitness equipment they can find.

Making Sure You Get The Right Fitness Equipment

Choosing the right hand-held weights isn’t as easy as you might be thinking though. You have to take into account a lot of things, chief among which would have to be your budget and the size of your home.

Exercise equipment for weight training can be considered investments so you’ll need to shell out a considerable amount for the best performance. They can also take up a lot of space if you buy the wrong gear which means you’ll need to be mindful of the available space in your home first.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to look any further because PowerBlock has designed the perfect product for you.

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The PowerBlock Elite 90 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

The PowerBlock Elite 90 Dumbbell Set

When it comes to exercise equipment for your home, you really can’t go wrong with adjustable dumbbells. First off, they’re not as expensive as barbells and it’s pretty easy to store them when not being used.

Then, there’s also the issue about price. Naturally since they’re smaller they’re not as expensive. PowerBlock is a company that has been manufacturing dumbbells and other exercise equipment for quite some time now.

If you’re expecting their dumbbells to be the same as the ones that you’ll find in your local gym though then you’re mistaken.

Their PowerBlock Elite 90 Dumbbell Set has a design that you’ll find to be very practical and ergonomic. When compared to traditional dumbbell designs, the Elite 90 is highly advanced and extremely easy to use and store.

What Are The PowerBlock Elite 90’s And Why Are They Better?

PowerBlock Elite 90 Adjustable DumbbellsThe Elite 90 adjustable dumbbells set from PowerBlock are just dumbbells right?

Why should people make a big fuss out of them?

Well, contrary to what a lot of people might be thinking, these aren’t your ordinary dumbbells.

It’s never more evident when you look at their handlebars. Unlike normal sets where there are different weighted dumbbells for you to use relative to your strength, the Elite 90 lets you make use of only one.

As your strength increases you can then proceed to adding weights to 90 lbs and by getting an add-on pack from PowerBlock you can further increase the weight to 130 lbs.

This system is similar to a barbell that you can stack weight on as you build up muscle strength and endurance.

How Heavy Are These Hand Weights?

The range of the weights for each dumbbell is from 5-90 pounds. With other sets that would mean that you’d need more than 20 pairs of dumbbells just to equal the range that the Elite 90 has. You might initially think that 20 dumbbells are okay but consider the available space inside your home.

It’s not every day that you’ll be using these things right? Storing them in a manner where they won’t be impediments is going to be tough. With PowerBlock’s Elite 90, this won’t be a problem at all since one dumbbell with all the weights combined has a length of only 16 inches.

Of course, the one thing that you’re probably mindful of is whether this set will last. That’s not something that you should be worried about. PowerBlock is one company that tries to keep its manufacturing operations within the United States.

As such, you can rely on the quality of the materials used on the PowerBlock Elite 90 dumbbells set. As a matter of fact, the company even includes a 10 year warranty for the set. This only goes to show how highly they think of their products sturdiness and durability.

Who Are The PowerBlock 90 Adjustable Dumbbells Best For?

If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to go to the gym to get fit or healthy then you’re probably going to like this dumbbell set. It’s extremely easy to use and you’re never going to have to worry about it being too heavy or too light for your tastes.

PowerBlock Elite 90 Dumbbells

Customer Reviews

Many people have stated how they like the fact that the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are made in the USA. One such happy customer, “dirtybiketrash”, reported that he was thinking about buying Bowflex but decided to go with PowerBlock instead due to mixed reviews about Bowflex.

The only issue he has experienced is having to change his workout technique slightly so as not to crash the weights to the floor as this may break them. And even then, they come with a 10 year home use warranty, so don’t be put off.

“I have been looking at some different types of adjustable dumbbells for a while. I had been thinking about the Bowflex ones, but after reading some mixed reviews I decided to look around a little more. I came across these, and was very happy to find that they were made in the USA. They are exactly what I needed. They do clink and rattle a bit, but if you have ever used free weights in the past I don’t feel that these are any worse noise-wise. Read More… – dirtybiketrash (Amazon customer review)

Another customer, “Cory BS”, said that the PowerBlocks were a great product, especially if you have limited space to workout or store your Gym equipment. He also commented that the handle is useful for doing push-ups.

“In short, Powerblocks are a great product, especially for people with limited space. The balance is good, and you can do two-handed grips on a dumbbell if you use the adder weight slots. The handle part by itself is great for doing push ups.” – Cory BS (Customer from Amazon)

Chad from NY bought the PowerBlock Elite 90’s after comparing them to the Bowflex SelectTech 1090’s. He tried out most of his workout routine and found the dumbbells to work for everything except the Tricep extensions, as they were a bit awkward to hold. He got around this by lowering the weight and doing one arm at a time.

He also thought the Bowflex’s looked cooler, but the PowerBlock 90 dumbbells were better value for money. It’s also worth noting that the PowerBlock Elite 90 adjustable dumbbells don’t come with a stand. If you prefer a set of adjustable dumbbells with a stand, then checkout the Universal Power Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells With Stand.

“I just purchased these dumbells and love them so far. I was initially considering buying the SelectTech’s but after trying them both ended up going with the Power Blocks. Although the Select tech’s look great, I found the length awkward. By comparison the select tech’s are several inches longer than a standard db and these are about an inch shorter. The other thing I liked is that there are really no moving parts with these. Read More… – Chad (Amazon customer review)


Things To Watch Out For

The only downside that previous customers who bought a set of Elite 90’s reported was that it may take you a while to get used to the unique design of these handheld weights. Also dropping the weights on the floor after a work out may break them.

Another thing to watch out for is the selector pin. Some customer’s on Amazon have reported ripping their workout pants and even scraping themselves.

The Dumbbell Advisor Verdict

I was really surprised the first time I used the PowerBlock Elite 90 Dumbbell Set. Its unique design made me think that it wasn’t going to work or that I’d get injured using it. However, once I started using it I realized how comfortable it felt.

When it comes to home exercise equipment, you can rely on PowerBlock 90 lb adjustable dumbbells to come up with innovative products that really work. The Elite 90 is no different, and at only $600 you’ll get an affordable dumbbell set that’s easy to store and has a ton of options for adjustability.

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