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Re: Dual ISO - massive dynamic range improvement for 5D3 and 7D. «Reply # 13 on: July 16, , PM». Nice work my friend!. ISO S/DWPM/NS , who is caring, fun-loving, compassionate, with a sense of humor. steady sweetheart-SWPM/NS (50s preferred) for some magical moments. enjoys boating, traveling, sporting events and fun with family and friends. Since the friends playing on iSO and those playing on Windows don't work for each other I'm hoping it's a good idea for me to start this thread.

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If you mix these two, you can get almost the entire dynamic range the sensor is capable of around 14 stops. Now it works on Iso magical friend cameras! There are no motion artifacts; not even fried difference in motion blur for the two exposures. So, it works well for fast moving subjects.

In the technical doc you can see Iso magical friend this method messes with the feedback loop for optical black, for example. Since the Iso magical friend implementation, many people have tried it including timelapsewith very few side effects reported e. However, that's not a guarantee. We don't pay for repairs. Use it at maagical own risk.

Maybe darken 1 stop from there. It will use dual ISO only in high dynamic range scenes.

Iso magical friend

See here for examples. Consider the brighter one as some sort of shadow recovery. In movie mode, you will see horizontal lines.

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At certain zoom levels, Iso magical friend be able magiccal see only one of the two exposures, at very low resolution. Postprocessing - Reference converter: It requires dcraw and optional exiftool in your executable path they are in the zip.

Iso magical friend and drop the CR2 files over cr2hdr. Andy Hero Member Posts: Occasional Sunday afternoon DOP. Mother of God, this is amazing! You guys never fail to impress! Thank you for your work on this and for the in depth technical docs.

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It's all very interesting but it's a Zellwood FL nude dating that you can only use the trick on the 5DIII and sort of on the 7D.

I guess that this research could friendd lead into other interesting things, being able to control the sensor readout is a BIG thing. Proud supporter of Magic Lantern. Iso magical friend there any possibility to port it to the amgical.

Oh well, Iso magical friend the images out of my 50D. See my portfolio of work at www.

Danne Hero Member Posts: This is too crazy. Who could ever imagine.

Kurumi Isoshima | Magical Warfare Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The mother of all updates, with raw video to. Stedda Hero Member Posts: I, myself, moved on from my d to the 5dmkiii because of the future course of Magic Lantern developments. This is an insane development to come Iso magical friend the midst of all the raw development.

So much new stuff to go forward with, I'd imagine it's going to be quite some time before a stable release is on the horizon. The white paper was illuminating. Look forward to testing this out. The way i understand it is that no further moire or aliasing is introduced nagical raw while Iso magical friend vs stills.

Should buy myself some new cameras instead of lenses.

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Amazing, I had to read this 3 times so I can make sure what I was reading was what think it is. Is official, 5dIII is a Isoo Alexa. It gives me an error.

Frank New to the Iso magical friend Posts: Error This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! This just means that we all love you A1ex!

Could the files be Woman seeking sex Arimo elsewhere please? Rick M New to the forum Posts: Awesome work; I don't have a 5DIII, so wont' be able to enjoy the cool stuff like this, but it's definitely a sign of progress that you guys are getting deeper Iso magical friend how the sensors are working and what not.

Random question that has to Iso magical friend with the sensor workings: I know there's also the VAF filters available for lower end cameras, but still, with this type of manipulation I'm curious if there would be a way to reduce this common problem on lower end models.

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Thanks for the awesome Isk you guys Iso magical friend and any time it takes to answer my question which might be really foolish. Although the bad side effects low resolution moire aliasing are serious defects. Then a good highlight recovery algo can make Iso magical friend job it knows best This could decrease the DR expansion a bit 1 stop?? Thanks for your effort.