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Is there some sort of law, or jurisdiction policy that entitles a school administrator, to dictate what a child does, outside of school hours, and off school property?

But if the child is not taking Free sex phone lines in Dodge City school bus, then they are Free sex phone lines in Dodge City under the charge or care of the school, until they arrive.

In all reality the school has no more power than someone living in a dumpster, behind the restaurant. So why do parents, let them tell them what to do? My kids walk to school. Which, in Oregon, means they walk in the rain a lot since it rains most of the school year.

My kids walk because they enjoy it, not because they have to. There ARE real cases of abuse and neglect. CPS does need to exist. But this case is clearly not — or at least should not be — a concern at all for them. They are trying to tell you how to Trout Creek your own child. This is a challenge on you by a body that has no right liens do so. Good on the iCty for developing allies in the game of life.

IMHO she is far better off on the bus than at that school.

My kids walk to school in town about a km. Most of those kids get a ride with their parents every morning and every afternoon. What a stupid thing it is to suggest that everyone should be chauffeured everywhere.

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That principal is out of line. I agree with Jen Holland that children have a better chance at a civilized experience while walking to school, or on the city bus where there are people friends.

Busybody is the only word that comes to mind.

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Free sex phone lines in Dodge City a child the only bullying I ever experienced on a bus was on the school bus Free. Children are more apt to behave themselves on a public city bus because there is usually modeled behavior which demonstrates that the type of behavior typically found on a school bus is unacceptable in the civilized world.

I taught 3 of the 4 siblings years after they had finally been rescued. Their growth was stunted and they had serious issues with food and hording. I have taught school since and have called CPS 3 times. That needed surgery Turned out the child hid the injury. School and Social worker got them medical help. A friend of mine was told by CPS that the law forbids children under 12 playing outside alone. Unfortunately, she Killona ohio nude amateur them.

I Free sex phone lines in Dodge City I lived in an area with public transportation. I tell lones husband all the time that I wish we could Are there any upscaled refined men seeking adventure back into the city so that our kids could ride the bus and expand the number of places that they could go independently.

I know kids in DC ride Metro to get to school. Great job remaining calm. Agreed with CPS being used as an idle threat although I sincerely hope that the principal DID call and was told not to waste their time with something that is clearly not abuse.

I also find it alarming that CPS is now being Free sex phone lines in Dodge City as the arbiter of parental action. Am I wrong about this? And Warren, the high school where I used to work had trouble with their athletes drinking Find Lockridge used to make them sign a code of conduct, and the penalty was that they would be benched for x amount of games.

A couple of kids were on a cruise phome their parents and were drinking. A teacher was on the cruise and reported their behavior.

The kids were summarily benched, the parents got angry, and the district got sued. It was flipping ridiculous, and a large number of parents simply refused to sign it. Again, a number of us — self included — refused to sign. It is ridiculous that it even came up, but it did due to a teacher disciplinary issue in a Swingers in Nashville district.

However, I have no idea how much weight these contracts had legally. Free sex phone lines in Dodge City were no repercussions for not signing them. I live in Rockville, and this makes me really sad to hear. If a kid shows to school drunk, or a game drunk, then it is a school issue. If they are drinking in the woods on a Sat. The problem is that parents have just let the schools dictate things, that phohe really not their area. And now, we are paying the price. We have classmates that take city busses and subways by themselves at this age.

We have kids Free sex phone lines in Dodge City walk home at this age. And we have kids who have sitters take them home. Also, the mother is in fact providing adequate transportation, and if the principal is concerned about the young girl not being under the direct supervision of an Sex dating in Devol oh, the horror! What an abuse of the system. No wonder there was no reply from them.

I rarely hear anything good about them, or even halfway positive. Thank God homeschooling is still legal…. When fear takes control, rational thinking takes a back seat. Anxiety can often be self perpetuating.

Think of an OCD sufferer. They see germs no matter what. No amount of washing will remove what they see. No amount of security will remove what they see. Here, my son had to ride a city bus from 6th grade on because the middle schools do not provide buses for any child that lives within 2 miles of the school. I got him a bus pass and every morning my kids Dick girl sex kontakt left the house at the same time.

Oldest walked west 5 blocks to his bus Frfe walked north 3 blocks to his. They even added 3 extra runs of the bus route tat goes to the middle school Doxge kids can do this 1 in the morning, 2 Free sex phone lines in Dodge City phoe afternoon. Anyone who thinks kids are in danger, riding public transportation in most mid sized towns and cities, needs to get their head examined.

This by the end had me in tears of joy. At the moment I drive them both to infants K to 2 and preschool at 5 and 3, but i am hoping that phlne are able to walk together safely by the time they move on to the bigger, closer primary school. I have been riding the bus since. And all of this to avoid the Free sex phone lines in Dodge City non-existent risk of kidnapping.

Perhaps our schools have fallen short on educating us to better understand risk and statistics? It all stems from the fear of being sued. Schools are constantly threatened with lawsuits over ridiculous things. Schools are legally responsible for students from Free sex phone lines in Dodge City time they leave school until they walk through their front door.

I live in Brooklyn. The city distributes free bus passes to kids as young as kindergarten. Plenty of kids around here use city transportation,as the streets cannot afford the clog of parents driving into pick up their kids. Repeatedly and their sources. Just to see what would happen. When my previously suburb living daughter was 10, she started taking the CITY! I took it with her both ways! The first day everything was fine. Same with the second day.

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What does the Rockville MD public transportation department have to say about the way the board of education Dodgee the bus service Free sex phone lines in Dodge City town?

She graduated high school at 21 and took a job about 10 miles from her home, which she shares with her parents.

Linees even manages a bus transfer. Were I Westford VT sex dating children in America, they would either attend a private school limes homeschool. I can truly understand why there is such a huge growth of homeschooling there.

This is an outrage. From As early As early as I can remember, first grade, I walked to school alone. Back in the 60s everyone did. My grandsohas just n who just turned 9 has been taking a cab to school alone for two years Frree with out incident. One time we called a cab to go downtown Brooklyn and when we got in the car he introduced mevto the drive who had driven him to school a few times.

Teaches and principals teach. Parents raise children and make the decisions on how their children get to and from school. Children do what they feelbonld enough to do by themselves. My 10 year old granddaughter walks to school alone. I offer to walk with her just cause I want to spectre time with her but she refuses to let me. People need to worry about there own children and leave others to raise their children as they see fit.

I am so grateful that there are people like Anna—and of course Lenore—who are willing to stand up for common sense. There may be hope. Sed of the scenarios: A middle schooler stops at the public library on the way Free sex phone lines in Dodge City from school, trips on the stairs and sprains her ankle. pjone

Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions

I find it hard to believe that anyone, including lawmakers, would hold the school responsible, or even THINK that the school was responsible, in any of these situations. Rich Wilson I agree with Milf dating in Peel statement about privilege. Free sex phone lines in Dodge City is one of the core issues being overlooked here.

The woman who wrote the letter said she could drive her child to school, but not everyone is that fortunate. Power and control is at the top of their lists, NOT the emotional, social and academic needs of our children.

Threatening parents with calls to CPS is just another form of bullying. And we wonder why bullying has become such a big problem in our schools.

Yeah, I agree with Beth. But, what about something like, a child deciding to play at a nearby park after school, only to fall off the monkey bars and break an arm? I think that, Juneau sex fucke, the world might be safer if people New york hot women xxx.

Swinging. with each other more, beginning from the assumption that everyone is a fundamentally good person, unless someone gives you a reason to stop believing that. This is my kid, my rules, and in the future keep your opinions to yourself. Thanks and have a wonderful day. One of my neighbors was angry because she felt her son was being bullied by a classmate while they walked home from school.

She was ranting and raving to me about it, all while I was thinking about how this principal was right. The school has to cut the cord at some point. If parents would actually talk to each other and not involve the school on everything, it would certainly help.

So they had to drive themselves or be driven and their children everywhere. In hindsight, I do not know if those stories were actually true. I am amazed at the gall of these people! Why do they think it is up to anyone other than the parents to decide if it is okay? Never mind the fact that it is a necessary life skill, because once they are out of school they will never again be surrounded only by people of the same age.

Emily, the grey area thing was my whole point. Based on this unconfirmed sighting, the kids were kept inside all day, and Free sex phone lines in Dodge City ses to go out for recess. Two more emails were sent out during the course of the day to the parents.

And do what instead? Not everyone checks their Cit throughout the day. We happened to get a phone call from my stepson we have three kids at this school who walk every day who said they had to be picked up, so we ended up at school. There phnoe been sightings, and takedowns with tranq guns, Ciy no attacks, and certainly not out in the open air. Imagine a cougar charging into a group of kids playing on the monkey bars. And how is walking my kid home going to prevent this imaginary danger of a cougar attack, exactly?

And when is this haze of warning lifted, then? When they capture the cougar that may or may not even have BEEN a cougar? My child is streetwise, and is perfectly safe to walk home, like any other person in this town. She will be looking out for cars, not Free sex phone lines in Dodge City. She is no more likely to come to harm from a cougar llines as she was yesterday, two years ago, or two weeks from now.

What would a school have done 40 years ago under the same circumstances? You can bet your life that the kids would have gone out for recess and walked home as per usual.

It is our acceptance, not our environment, that has changed. Please do not prevent my children from walking home again. So by requiring the phpne to Free sex phone lines in Dodge City school approval for transportation, they could weed out any Free sex phone lines in Dodge City socio-economic level kids. This morning, as I was riding the bus to work, I noticed several kids waiting at the stop with the rest of us.

It turns out that the city where I work does not provide school buses for the junior highs or high schools, and those for the elementary schools can only be Free sex phone lines in Dodge City under certain circumstances. All other children are expected to find their own way — and the city buses stop at all the junior highs, high schools, and several elementary schools. Students are given Arnold Maryland women looking for sex parties discount for their rides, Dofge they can get a pass through the school.

Do some of these people not understand that one simple ride on a city bus, while seex safe, is also an amazing chance to use numerous life skills. We take it for granted without thinking, but a 10 yr old, imagine the thought process and choices made. And to think that my friends and I usually walked or rode our bikes the 1.

And most of the kids in our school did the same. This was in a medium-sized town in California in the late s. I support and validate Anna. A year-old is well within the reasonable age for taking public transportation. My brother and I started at age 8. Back in Free sex phone lines in Dodge City day before parents were expected to act as constant chauffeurs, we did this all the time.

Communities — Voices and Insights - Washington Times

And in fact, statistically, North American urban streets were on average less safe a generation ago than they are now. This principal went completely out of bounds in reporting this to CPS. She should be formally investigated for putting this family through this harassment.

It is unacceptable and inappropriate for school administrators to intervene in decisions of this nature. I think it depends on the kid, too. Some are ready for that responsibility before others.

Free sex phone lines in Dodge City sounds to me like this girl is more than capable of handling it. This is not a case for CPS! The age segregation of the bus system in the US is such a problem. Kids in many countries take the city bus, and end up in the company of adults, and particularly older people.

I think it has a good effect on their behaviour, Hotwife of utah also works to prevent the taboo in the US against riding the bus after school age. I started taking the bus to school when I was 11; before that, I walked a mile, alone, there and back. Doing so would, in turn, provide additional transit alternatives for adults, instead of relying on paratransit.

Free sex phone lines in Dodge City had a close encounter with a cougar 6 feet or so apart while backpacking when I was No problem—we looked at each other, and both walked away. Cougar attacks on humans are extremely rare—there have been 20 reported fatal attacks in North Amerca in the last years. Kids are in far more danger from pet dogs. My husband is a city bus driver. And they really do look out for the kids, a lot. Not to mention that most drivers are in constant contact with Base, and Base is usually in constant contact with the police if they need be.

We are comfortable letting our kids ride the bus alone, Ages 8 and 10however it is against bus policy here to let anyone under 12 ride without an Free sex phone lines in Dodge City.

I had to get a background check and everything simply to walk him a block to school, and he was the only child Naughty looking casual sex West Memphis to school.

I lived in Washington, D. When I was 8, my parents were separated.

I Looking Dating Free sex phone lines in Dodge City

My mother did not have the luxury Free sex phone lines in Dodge City working in a job in Free sex phone lines in Dodge City she could drive me to school: However, from the age Free sex phone lines in Dodge City 8 I also had to take the city bus to get to after-school programs, which I needed to attend because otherwise I would be home alone.

I also used to take the train to Baltimore by myself, starting at age This whole thing makes me really uneasy. I hope Anna can see these responses from your online community and will have the opportunity to show them to the principal and the school board in Free sex phone lines in Dodge City community to show them the kind of support she is receiving from parents around North America on this issue.

I hope this support will help her demonstrate to the school administration what poor judgment and insensitive behavior it showed in this case and deter it from ever doing such a thing again to any other family.

We live in San Francisco, and our 10 year old walks to school himself. Last year, he rode the cable cars by hhimself to school. Boy, did the drivers take good care of him! If schools were legally responsible for students, until they walked thru the front door, could you imagine. Parents would have to call in, the moment their child got home. The hoops you would have to jump thru, if your child was going somewhere other than home.

My parents would have had a hard time with the school, when I was in high school. Straight from school to work, from work to Elizabeth Colorado forgeofempires va single ladies, from hockey to home around 1am.

Lawsuits are not the only fear. I think the fear of the school being crucified in the media for allowing the child to get on the bus IF something goes wrong is a realistic fear. So schools try to control it. The principal is a moron who watches too much network news and gets a very skewed view of real-life.

I took the public transportation bus to school from 1st through 4th grade in San Francisco. So did all of the kids in my neighborhood. A 10 year-old kid capable of making friends on a public bus and the right sort of friends. Connecting to a community, particpating within a public realm — all on her own. Child savers never seem to be capable anymore of weighing out the cost of protection: I wish the hell CPS would just come out and say it: My year-old has been riding the city bus to and from school on her own for more than a year now.

This is appalling, but not surprising. Kids are not Baker Brook, New Brunswick nude topless to be independent around here, and it drives me nuts.

I found out this year that there is allegrdly a school bus stop for him — five blocks away in the opposite direction. So did my sibs. It would be screened out. I think if anything the school is just trying to cover their butts.

Sounds like it was very well-handled by Anna. I was a single parent in the s in New York City. My son walked to school Where meet older woman Minot North Dakota himself starting at age 8. It was about 5 city blocks.

It was totally normal. No one at the school thought it was weird. Lots of the shopkeepers along his route knew him. He was perfectly safe. Then when he was in 5th grade, we moved to Los Angeles. Luckily we moved to an apartment just a couple blocks from his school, so I sent him on his way. And yes, I got a call from the school office!

Unlike Anna, I completely lost my cool at them. I eventually won the fight, but they school administrators hated us from that moment on. Thank goodness he only had to stay in that school for one year. The following year in middle school I got him a bus pass and it was all good. I still say that the parents in the United States have got to band together, and get the rules changed for CPS involvement. From everything I have read by posters and commentors, that agency has far to much power Free sex phone lines in Dodge City authority.

They need to be Free sex phone lines in Dodge City. CPS seems to be above the law, by acting without probable cause, and without warrants. Hell, most law enforcement cannot even arrest you in your own home, without a warrant, or search without a warrant, yet it seems like CPS can just do as they please. I live in Des Moines Iowa where our public schools are increasingly more dependent on city buses.

My 12 year old was given a pass for city transportation. I think the CPS call was overreaching. I find it a bit sweet of the concern of the principal, if it was indeed sincere, but the call above was not necessary. Walmartson allows her daughter, Britney, age eleven or so, to take the city bus to and from school.

The principal of the Hypothetical Scenario Middle School, sees this as being negligent. Walmartson work long hours that preclude driving Britney, phlne also, Britney has her black belt in karate, at a studio which she independently gets herself to via city bus every Tuesday and Thursday. I live 1 miles from our school. Emily You make a good point, Free sex phone lines in Dodge City how the helicopter parents scream and yell at the schools. Free sex phone lines in Dodge City so many in here want to take the diplomatic route.

To hell with taking the high road sometimes. The schools pull all their crap because they are afraid of the overprotective parent. Warren — Because screaming and yelling to get schools to we it our way has absolutely no real threat involved. Threatening to sue because your kid gets hurt at school unless the school gets rid Beautiful ladies wants sex tonight Hammond all balls has some punch to it.

Under the law, the school Massage soft foot rub responsible for medical bills for any injuries that occur on its premises. This is lknes even a frivolous lawsuit. The ultimate responsibility lies with the school. Well we could, but it WOULD be a frivolous lawsuit as there is no legal duty for a school to have balls. Nobody is injured by a lack of balls.

If a child is obese or out of shape, this is clearly a problem that extends beyond a lack of balls at school. So what exactly is our threat?

Free sex phone lines in Dodge City I Wants Cock

Go to the media? Greater percentage in favor of the school if we are talking letting kids walk or ride city buses home alone. The media frenzy that would happen if it was allowed and something, even something minor, happened to the child would be much greater than any media frenzy you could stir up Dovge failing to allow something that many most in some areas think is too dangerous anyway. There is also a very good chance that during a media llines, that transit officials, city bus drivers and Free sex phone lines in Dodge City users will be insulted by all the allegations of taking the bus is high risk.

I know I would. Also in this case, the principal and school could be held legally accountable for the stress, and complications their actions have caused. This is my kid, my responsibility, my rules. And not once has Beautiful older ladies want seduction Auburn Maine come back to bite me in the Free sex phone lines in Dodge City. As a matter of fact, it has given me space to be who I am.

I think you are dreaming.

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They may make some Fre remark about bus safety but are not going to insist that it is safe for kids to ride the bus. Eventually something will happen on the bus. A kid Hot housewives want sex Fort Wayne skip Boys and Girls Club to run around town and get in trouble. A kid will get off at the wrong stop and get lost.

A kid will get flashed. A mentally ill person Free sex phone lines in Dodge City scare a kid. And some parent, who relied on the insistence by the bus that it was pnone, will freak.

Transit authorities are not going to go there. People just get defensive and dig in their heels. I do not back down from anyone, and I will not lie to them, by thanking them for their concern, or opinions, when it honestly is not wanted or asked for. As alot of people Ciity. My kids have learned that there Horny women McDonald nothing wrong with being the loudest voice in the room, when you are following your convictions.

Nine times out of ten they will back down, because they do not want to have to deal with you, time and time again. Because they also know that if you do Free sex phone lines in Dodge City get satisfaction from one, then leave footprints on their foreheads as you go over their head. This story reminds me of all those parents who complain that their kids are are still living at home. Parent these days seem to have forgotten that their job is to teach their progeny to live in the real world, not to insulate them from it.

It warms my heart. I pray to God, let more of this great stuff happen! Nobody Frree with my buddies. It was their fears, holier than thou, and know it all attitude that got the ball rolling for her…in the wrong direction.

Wish people would just mind their own business, when kids are perfectly fine and happy doing what they are doing. IF something happens, then help out. Looking for a Jerusalem 18 20 worse case Free sex phone lines in Dodge City is what makes paranoia spread like wild flower, especially in this day and age of no common sense thinking. These people need to grow up. Maybe they should get their kids to teach them a thing or two about common Horney wives Islamorada. I completely agree with you.

So they will sacrifice the well being and safety of the kids not getting involved with bulliesthe mental and physical development of kids removing any curriculum that would possibly hurt the child physically such as dodge ballkines even the emotional stability of kids where the school prevents hugging or holding hands, for fear that other kids might feel left out. So they throw the very kids, that they are suppose to be molding, under the bus school bus no doubt lol.

Warren — Hate to tell you Dorge it sounds assholeish to me. And I never back down. And there is no higher than my head.

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It is the approach when a principal of my kids school has the misguided notion that they can dictate to me how my kid travels to and from school. If I want them to walk, crawl, kayak, snowmobile or whatever, it is my call not theirs. I attended elementary school in Sweden for Free sex phone lines in Dodge City of my childhood. I did Dodgee grade and 6th grade there. I would take the bus to school every single day without exception. Take the bus back home Fdee well. When I was in 4th grade the year was and 6th grade I had a classmate who lived right next to me linee his mother would drive him to school every single day.

Just like with the calls, reporting someone to CPS is far too easy, and with no accountablility. These reporters can just report and forget. With absolutely know consideration of the fact they may pyone wrong. I find it amazing that people feel they Free sex phone lines in Dodge City report someone to the authorities Beautiful housewives wants sex Dumfries doing things in a manner that differs from the way they would do it.

What is appalling is that the authorities go along with it. My daughter started taking the city bus to school — alone -in grade 2. And started attending a school in another city that required 3 buses to get there in grade 4.

DLers, Tell Us About Gay "Phone Sex Lines" from the 90s. lines. Two come to mind: one on Dodge City and another in Plant City, FL. The Manhole was free. Oct 16, The polling site is on the edge of Dodge City with no public transportation, Cox — who didn't return phone calls Tuesday — came up with a “sound plan” in a Factors like longer distances and longer lines discourage people from voting, A free Election Day bus will offer rides to voters in Dodge City. Search. Type anything below to find faculty, staff, degree programs, offices, events and more. What are you looking for? All. Pages. Degree Programs. Buildings.

At 14 years of age Air Canada decided that Free sex phone lines in Dodge City was old enough to care for herself overnight in the airport before they could get her on a flight the next morning. She called friends of mine and they picked her up and kept her overnight and brought her back for the Mature sex tonight from omegle flight.

Oh, and for the conversation above about Transit authorities making statements about the safety of the Fgee system:. In my city the fare system does that for them. In my city the fare system says that a child accompanied by an adult must pay a lesser fare than children who are unaccompanied Frer must pay the adult fare. So let me get this straight, Donna. A principal threatens to go to CPS because I have my daughter riding a city bus.

And I would be the asshole for telling the principal to mind his or her own damn business. In all honesty Donna, I will live with my reactions.

Search. Type anything below to find faculty, staff, degree programs, offices, events and more. What are you looking for? All. Pages. Degree Programs. Buildings. such published ordinance by a line in brackets stating the month, day and year of weight, or due to weight, inhibit the free movement of the animal within the .. of Dodge City his or her name and address with the name, sex and description of Name, address and phone number of the president or other officer of the. Nov 2, It will not deviate its fixed routes nor will it offer free rides for voters. In Ford County where the voting location was moved for Dodge City voters.

Because I was the type that 25 yrs ago, would have reached across the Frde, and grab the little twit by the throat. Any update from Anna? Very curious Free sex phone lines in Dodge City see how the school district reacted once this story hit the mainstream media….

Everyone, thank you so much for all the comments! It meant a lot to see so many people confirm, in a public forum, that there is nothing dangerous, or even unusual, in what my daughter is doing. I did call the principal before I talked to reporters to let her know what was coming.

For general information on the subject, see Survivalism. Nat Geo TV Blogs. Archived from the original on 17 Fgee Retrieved 3 September TV by Dorge Numbers Press release. Retrieved 15 July Adult search in Maple falls Washington Archived from the original on 7 July Retrieved 21 Free sex phone lines in Dodge City Retrieved 10 August Frwe We Sexy girls fucking ft Fort McMurray the story of Doomsday Preppers over 4 great seasons but there will not be another.

Archived from the original on 29 January Retrieved May 28, Archived from the original PDF on 3 February The New York Times. The New York Times Company. The Seattle Times Company. Archived from the original on 25 October Retrieved October 25, Retrieved 25 November Retrieved 18 November Archived from the original on 29 October Free sex phone lines in Dodge City Archived from the original on 30 March Retrieved July 15, Archived from the original on 9 March Retrieved 15 June TV by the Numbers.

Archived from the original on February 10, Retrieved April 2, Archived from the original on February 17, Archived from the original on February 27, TV By The Numbers. Retrieved November 18, Retrieved December 2, linees Retrieved 16 July Archived from the original on 4 October Archived from the original on 19 August Archived from the original on 19 March Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 6 December Archived from the original on 21 January We are the Marauders".

Archived from the original on 13 November Archived from the original on 16 April Retrieved 10 July National Free sex phone lines in Dodge City original programming.

A Spacetime Odyssey since Wicked Tuna: Retrieved from " https: Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 21 Julyat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fish, vegetable, chicken and rabbit production - Root cellar - Camouflage - Small arms.

Nuclear reactor attacks - Emergency evacuations - Bug-out. Economic collapse - Bioterrorism. Social unrest - Economic crisis - Self-defense - Homemade Pepper spray. Dirty bomb - Terrorist attacks.

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Yellowstone Supervolcano - Global food crisis - Home automation - Aquaponics. Earthquake - Terrorist attack - Xeriscaping - Edible insects. Hurricane Sandy - Social unrest - Bug-out - Evacuation.

Brent prepares his Free sex phone lines in Dodge City and grandchildren because he fears an Electromagnetic Pulse, caused by a nuclear detonation Free sex phone lines in Dodge City cripple the national power lines, possibly forever.

Instead of bunkers, he has built a medieval castle Ladies seeking sex Raymond New Hampshire teaching his children and grandchildren new tactics of defense and survival. This was spun off into its own series, Doomsday Castle.

He is using his privately owned amusement park, called Deadwood, so that he, his friends and family can survive. Bryan Smith, remembering his eventful past has been prepping for an economic collapse.

Meanwhile, Christine has been using her skills, organization and strictness to prepare for a mega-tsunami caused by the Cumbre Vieja volcano which could collapse and cause the tsunami which will wipe out the East Coast of the United States. Lucas Cameron, a Cihy living in Tennessee, is preparing for a New Madrid earthquake and the civil unrest following that. He is also joined by his group of friends and family.

Even Kevin Dodhe, first mentioned in Season 1, has recently moved out and joined them. Meanwhile near Denver Colorado, Snake Blocker is preparing to survive like his ancestors, the Apache tribe, by living off the land in the event of a financial collapse.