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Every couple should experience tantric sex I Looking Real Dating

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Every couple should experience tantric sex

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In a world of high stress, to-do-lists, and constantly running out of time, tantra is the perfect antidote to the routine that develops in every romantic relationship. This beautiful art of conscious, sacred sexuality has been practiced for thousands of years by Tantric couples in order to achieve authentic love, deep and passionate connection, and Spiritual enlightenment. And absolutely anyone today can draw from the ancient reservoir of knowledge and wisdom of our ancient Every couple should experience tantric sex

Every couple should experience tantric sex

Practice these methods to twntric to your lover, and in no time, you will master the ancient art of tantra!! Commit to a weekly tantric session with your partner.

Pick a day and time that works for both of you. Set aside at least two hours to truly celebrate your relationship.

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Tantricc sure to stick to your special date, only rescheduling if absolutely necessary. Have an open mind and open heart, even if something seems silly to you at first.

Many people who are new to tantra have declared the eye-gazing exercise awkward and weird… until they tried it!

Prepare for your lover Every couple should experience tantric sex cleaning and adorning your bed with comfortable cushions and blankets. Create a feast for the senses with flowers, light incense sticks or diffuse essential oilsplus a few fruits and drinks you both enjoy.

Light plenty of candles — their flickering and dim light will bring magic into the space. Put on a soft, relaxing music playlist that will play for at least 2 hours. And make sure that the temperature is just right so that both of you are comfortable. Run a soothing bubble bath for your beloved.

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Light candles all over the bathroom, add soft music, spread rose petals on the floor, and pour a glass of their favorite wine. Stand facing each other with feet hip width apart and slightly bent knees. Meditate together to clear your minds and connect to your hearts.

“Tantric sex is about creating a fully sensual experience,” says Carrellas. Dim the lights, dip strawberries in chocolate, or invest in a set of 1,thread-count sheets. 13 Kinds Of Hot-A$$ Sex EVERY Couple Should Have. K shares + K Every couple needs to change up their sexual routine and sex positions every now and again so it Romantic and Sensual Sex. About Me. Helena is a passionate tantric practitioner and educator. Drawing on her extensive experience in meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual arts, she guides her clients with care, warmth and loving compassion on their tantric path.

Sit down cross legged facing each other and xeperience your eyes. Breathe deeply — simply be together in silence until all the worries of the day are gone. This will help you both become fully present and focused on each other.

To open your hearts even deeper and create more connection and intimacy, use the following phrases and fill in the blanks:. Try to eye-gaze between 5 and 15 minutes.

It will feel like a long time at first until you connect on the Soul level, and this connection will feel wonderful and delicious. To deepen the experience, Every couple should experience tantric sex your breaths so that you inhale and exhale at the same time.

The male partner sits down cross legged, while the female sits down on top of his legs facing him clothed or naked.

Embrace each other and breathe fully together. Allow your bodies to tune in to each other; to merge together in this beautiful embrace.

Feel the love you both share, the appreciation for this special moment, and the joy of being able to celebrate your relationship! Then join your lips in a soft, gentle kiss. Allow your lips to melt together in a slow sensual kiss.

Stay completely present in the moment and immerse yourself in the sensations of closeness and intimacy. Softly touch their skin with flowers, fabrics, feathers, ice, hot wax, fingertips.

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Begin with a experiencr touch, then proceed to longer, fuller. Start at non-erogenous zones back, neck, head, hands, legs, feetthen slowly excite their sexual energy, touching their bottom, inner thighs and genitals. Have Every couple should experience tantric sex lover turn over, and repeat on the front of their body — awakening their skin with soft touch, then massaging their non-erogenous zones first before proceeding to their chest, nipples, inner thighs and genitals.

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Keep asking for feedback and remind your beloved to relax, breathe fully, and stay present. This experienc is not about orgasm, so do not try to make Every couple should experience tantric sex come — simply enjoy giving them pleasure. At this point, you both may decide to make love — or not. If you do decide to make love, do not rush it.

Allow the penetration to happen naturally, without any effort. Start with slow, shallow thrusts, and Every couple should experience tantric sex completely aware of your bodies, your energies and particularly your genital area.

Guide your consciousness to travel up and down your spine — between your heart ehould your genitals, and notice all the sensations in your body.

And as you start to move again, allow your genitals to connect lovingly, and melt together in a sensual, ecstatic dance. Fuck portuguese woman is a fantastic article.

Before I started tantra I was a nervous, awkward person. I drove women away because of my anxiety and overwhelming neediness.

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After practicing tantra I am fully relaxed, fully developing my sexual being Eery been amazing! I am more at peace and I have amazing moments with women. Wonderful article about getting started with Tantra — thank you!

About Me Helena is a passionate tantric practitioner and educator.

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Drawing on her extensive experience in meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual arts, she guides her clients with care, warmth and loving compassion on their tantric experieence. A graduate of the Australian School of Tantra and a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, she loves to share the knowledge and the practical tools of Tantra.

I Also Recommend Reading.

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How and what aspects of tantric are great, but what about why aspect of it? You guys should try it awesome! X To whom do you want to send this article via email? Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.