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Blk male for female looking to get wet

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Discharge is a generalized term, and is made up of cells from the cervix and vagina, bacteria, mucus, and water. People who are menopausal typically have less discharge as a result of lower levels of estrogen. You efmale feel wetter and have a higher sex drive near ovulation, due to an increase in estrogen.

Fertile cervical fluid around ovulation provides additional lubrication. The consistency slippery, sticky or pasty, and stretchy as well as sensation wet or dry of cervical fluid will vary throughout your cycle, and can indicate cycle phases. Learn more about characteristics and changes in discharge here.

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However, sexual arousal is both a physiological and psychological response. Female physical sexual arousal begins with the excitement phase.

An increase in genital blood flow leads to vascular engorgement. This increase in blood flow and pressure causes an increase in fluid transudate production from the vaginal walls 1, 2.

Arousal fluid is vaginal lubrication created to enable painless penetration and movement 2. Your body produces less estrogen at the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle, so your vagina can feel dryer at these times.

Communication is key during sexual activity with a partner. Also, sometimes you just need a bit of lube for vaginal sex, which is completely normal and useful. One study found lubricant use was associated with higher ratings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Blk male for female looking to get wet

The consensus of women in the study agreed that lube made orgasming easier and sex feel better 5. Atypical discharge can be an indication of a problem, such as Bacterial Vaginosis or a yeast infection.

Here are some indicators of abnormal discharge:. Arousal fluid is distinct from cervical fluidand occurs as a result of the excitement phase in the sexual response cycle. Checking your cervical fluid after grt activity may be misleading, as it can be confused with semen or arousal fluid.

Understand the changes in discharge throughout your cycle, and track your sexual activity with Clue. Read about characteristics and changes in discharge: What your discharge is telling you. Learn more about vaginal discharge here: What is "normal" vaginal egt