SINGER Curvy 8763 Review

SINGER’s 8763 Curvy sewing machine is perfect for sewers who want to perform basic sewing, quilting, darning, and light embroidery tasks. With more than two dozen stitches, five presser feet, and loads of user-friendly features, this entry-level sewing machine might be what you need.

Decent Selection of Stitches

From clothing construction and decorative sewing to quilting and free motion stitching, the computerized SINGER 8763 machine offers all the basics you’ll need to complete your sewing projects. Part of this is made possible through the machine’s 13 variable needle positions that are capable of sewing a wide range of built-in stitches. These include 17 decorative, 5 stretch, 6 essential, and 2 automatic buttonhole stitches. The total stitch count adds up to 30, and you can still use the darning plate to perform free motion embroidery.

You can select stitches using five push buttons on the front of the machine. Every stitch pattern has an LED light that glows when selected. The machine automatically adjusts thread tension as well as stitch width, length, and balance to optimum settings when you’ve selected your desired stitch. You can also use the sliding levers to adjust stitch length and width to a maximum of 7mm depending on the selected pattern.

With the SINGER 8763, not only do you get to experiment around with many stitches – you can even sew cuffs, hems, and sleeves by simply removing part of the base to expose the machine’s free arm. Furthermore, the free arm doubles up as a storage compartment for most of the sewing accessories that come with this machine.

Good Selection of Easy Threading Features

When it comes to threading, this machine is designed to make your work so much easier. It features what SINGER calls the SWIFTSMART Threading System, which allows for one touch threading. All you have to do is guide the top thread through the slots and into the needle threader, and then press the threading lever. After this simple process, the machine will automatically punch thread through the eye of the needle.

Unlike other sewing machines that require you to raise the bobbin thread, there will be no need for that when using the SINGER 8763. Thanks to the Drop and Sew design of this machine, just drop the bobbin, wind the thread along the slots and start sewing.

Convenient Reverse Button and StayBright LED Bulbs

SINGER’s Curvy 8763 sewing machine comes with multiple features that are designed to make sewing a breeze. To begin with, three StayBright lights illuminate the work area to ensure easy visibility when sewing in low light conditions or working on dark fabrics. These LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours and they remain cool at all times. In addition, the reverse button is conveniently located just above the needle, which makes it easily accessible while still holding fabric in place.

Equipped with 5 Presser Feet

Sewers who demand functionality in a sewing machine will not be disappointed with what the SINGER 8763 has to offer. This sewing machine comes with five presser feet, namely a general purpose, zipper, blend stitch hem, satin and buttonhole foot.

The presser feet snap on easily onto the foot control, which allows for fast foot replacement. Depending on the type of fabric you’re sewing, the presser foot offers three pre-set levels: down, up, and high for heavy fabrics.

Designed with a Direct Drive Needle Bar and Heavy Duty Metal Frame

Other types of sewing machines drive the needle bar from a drive bar positioned across the machine. However, SINGER’s 8763 Curvy sewing machine features the Direct Drive technology, which gears the needle bar straight from the motor. This makes the machine more powerful and durable.

Coupled with the adjustable presser foot pressure and the Direct Drive needle bar, the SINGER 8763 can stitch thick fabrics with ease. As an added bonus, the internal metal frame and 16.8 pounds weight holds up to large garments or heavy fabrics without causing the machine to wobble around as you’re sewing.


The SINGER 8763 Curvy sewing machine measures 17.7 (L) x 9 (D) x 12.5 (W) inches.

Package Contents

  • 1 SINGER 8763 Curvy Sewing Machine
  • 3 StayBright LED Lights
  • 5 Accessory Feet (Satin stitch foot, all-purpose foot, blind hem foot, zipper foot and buttonhole foot)
  • Foot control
  • Needle set (5 pieces)
  • Needle plate
  • Darning plate
  • Three spool caps (large, medium and small)
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • 2 felt discs for spoon pin
  • 4 Plastic 15J Bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Soft dust cover
  • Power cable
  • Operating manual with stitching and quick start guide


  • Built with heavy duty interior metal frame that keeps the machine stable while sewing heavy fabrics.
  • Decent selection of stitches for cloth construction, mending, quilting, and decorative works.
  • Capable of sewing light to heavy fabrics including multiple layered garments.
  • Automatic adjustment of thread tension as well as stitch length, width, and balance allow for fast selections.
  • Designed with an easy to use digital control panel.
  • Clear instruction manual with DVD video guides.
  • Equipped with easy thread features such as the drop-in bobbin SwiftSmart Threading System and Automatic Needle Threader.


  • You cannot adjust the presser foot pressure beyond the three preset levels.
  • Twin needles are sold separately.

Consumer Ratings

Consumer ratings for the SINGER 8763 Curvy sewing machine have so far been positive. There are more than 140 reviews of this sewing machine on Amazon and the majority either rate it 4 or 5 stars, which is already a good sign as to whether it’s worth buying or not. Although a few buyers have highlighted a few drawbacks, the majority of users appear to agree that it’s well-built and has a good range of features considering the low price.


If you’re looking for a mid-range priced sewing machine, then this SINGER’s 8763 Curvy sewing machine is worth considering. This model can mend clothes, design garments, make alternations, and quilt. It even has embellishment stitches and a darning plate for free-motion embroidery if you intend to work on decorative projects.

In addition, it carries a 25-year warranty on the machine head, a 5-year warranty on electrical components, and a 1-year warranty on other attachments. Overall, the SINGER 8763 Curvy Sewing machine offers good value for money when you consider its features, accessories and sturdy design.