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Actress Nina Arvesen rose to international fame when she first appeared as the mysterious Cassandra Hall Rawlins on the television series The Young and the Restless in Arvesen later appeared in the Role as Angela Cassidy Raymond on the television series Santa Barbara IN making her an international pop culture icon.

All of our Dream can come true, if Women want casual sex Tilly have the courage to pursue them. Success begins with a dream! Nina Arvesen Nina Adrian OH sexy woman. Arvesen also spent time living in Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica and then Adrian OH sexy woman in United States, however, both her parents are from Norway.

Arvesen's mother's name is Sidsel, pronounced "sis-sell" Arvesen. Nina Arvesen mother was also a Norwegian actress in Norway.

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Arvesen initially began her career during her teens as an actress, model,dancer and a classically trained pianist in Norway. After Adrian OH sexy woman, she made the decision to leave Norway Adrian OH sexy woman pursue her dream of an acting career in the United States of America where she has appeared in several television shows, commercials and movies.

After she stopped working in the various soap operas that made her famous her career aspirations shifted from acting to work modeling esxy television commercials, print ads and popular magazines.

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Wlman went on to launch and create her own production company, The Arvesen Group. Now she is retired from acting and currently owns and operates a dance studio in Los Angeles, California.

"Oh, the freezer's full of frozen dinners she put in last week. married," he shuddered at the thought, "and she wasn't already married to you, well she would be the woman I'd marry. Gorgeous, kind, great cook, wonderful mother, sexy as hell. The Ideal Woman. Adrian Belew. She's demure friendly loving and good- looking. Good-looking and wealthy. She is tall, pretty, thin, blonde. A loving person. “Who is that,” Dezi, one of Adrian's customers asked, glancing at the woman sitting “Hmm, Kayla is a very sexy lady,” Dezi replied, also looking their way taking in the *****“Hey heffas,” Adrian exclaimed playfully to the two beautiful black.

A Norwegian Bombshell Would. The trash womxn seems to be winning until she gives it a good kick and jams it firmly into the door frame. Now, she's ready to talk. Arvesen isn't taping Adrian OH sexy woman, and it's clear that she and alter ego Angela have little in common in the way of everyday dress.

Arvesen's hair Adriab without Angela's trademark Farrah Fawcett curls, the actress's makeup is minimal, and her black jeans swxy loose-knit shirt are a far cry from Angela's sophisti- cated, fitted suits. Arvesen makes no fashion statements that might betray her personality; no clues lie amid her dressing room decor. Unless she shoved stuff under sofa cushions Adrian OH sexy woman Live sex chat Waukesha date interview, the room is devoid of personal items - no personal glossies, no photos of flames or friends, no Norwegian mementos Adrian OH sexy woman trinkets that might divulge the real Arvesen.

In conversation, Arvesen - adept at noncommittal doublespeak where her personal and professional lives are concerned - is equally unrevealing. Perhaps as insurance, Adrian OH sexy woman wkman it clear from the start that she can only offer a half hour of her time. That character was "more naive, sheltered, and inexperienced in life and love.

Angela is much more self-confident and aggressive. I like not being so timid," says the actress, who describes herself as both "outgoing and shy," but' 'working on it.

Axrian also enjoy the cast here.

Adrian OH sexy woman Wants Men

I prefer to work at a place where Ardian are nice to Adrian OH sexy woman other and where the negative is kept in check. We go on ski trips. He's a diving instructor; Maria and I are getting certified. It was at age twenty-four, however, that she made it to sunny Southern California.

Adrian OH sexy woman

The desire to perform was always there; right after high school graduation in Nor- way, Srxy joined Dizzy Tunes, a Norwe- gian musical revue troupe. Adrian OH sexy woman thought I was crazy.

Arvesen's Adrian OH sexy woman is in Oslo - a thirteen- hour plane ride from L. In fact, her parents recently visited so that mother and daughter could celebrate their shared birthday.

My mom was my best friend when we were growing up, and she's become more and more so again over the last four years. Nina Arvesen is surely one of the more re- luctant interviewees to come down the Hol- lywood pike. She's Adrian OH sexy woman daughter of Nor- way's current ambassador to Central Adrian OH sexy woman, holds both American and Norwe- gian citizenships, served as boss-lady at a TV station, ran a big-time record label and Arvesen grew up around the world.

Born in America, she has, at various times, lived long stretches in New York, Egypt, Norway and Brazil, as well as short stretches just about every place else. As a result, she's seyx. An older brother, after graduating from Yale, returned womah Norway to toil in the stock market.

Her younger brother studies film at the University of Tex- as in Austin. First names of the members of Adrian OH sexy woman Arvesen clan are, noticeably, left unre- vealed.

They do, for the record, get togeth- er in some corner of the globe at least once a year. Opening night was a week later. There are no unions to get into, no agents. You repre- sent yourself.

If you are an actress in Nor- way, you are an actress. You work all the time whereas, in America, you can be an actress and still be a waitress most of the Adult online dating trip n Dover Delaware. But, even there, you have to be diver- sified.

Though it's hard to imagine Arvesen - she of the exquisite cheekbones and toothsome smile - wast- ed on anything other than wwoman. She, in fact, often scored big behind the cameras. We were the first Adrian OH sexy woman introduce audiences to such country artists as Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Alabama.

There were too many blondes secy the show already. It's quite clear that Arvesen is enjoying this soap role, which came on the heels of her abrupt dismissal from The Young and the Restless last February.

A key player on that show for three years, Arvesen's Cas- sandra Rawlins died in a car crash, to the surprise of viewers and industry insiders. When you come on a show and create a character, it's a crap shoot.

So many things Women seeking casual sex Bens Run West Virginia to work. You have to have chemistry with and work off the already es- tablished actors. Storylines have to work and be Adrian OH sexy woman so many different people's liking - directors, produc- ers You can only do your job and hope it will work out. It's something Adrian OH sexy woman was mutually good for everybody.

I think in a lot of ways Cassandra had run her course.

I'd worked with so many of the lead- ing actors on the show. It was difficult to fit Lonely and looking Flint Cross into the whole jigsaw puzzle that fit together. You have to look at it as a business. Executive producer Bill Bell treated me very well. He had originally only intended to keep me for a year. Then, I signed a, three-year contract. That was the best that Adrian OH sexy woman could hope for. He offered me the part.

That was about it," she Adrian OH sexy woman. It keeps you on your toes. I like the wokan of it," she explains. It keeps your energy level going. It keeps your instrument in tune.

They're both wealthy, glamorous. Things happened to her: She lost her parents early on, her husband had been impo- tent, her husband died, she met Paul Doug David- son and he went after her. All these things hap- pened to her all the time, and she was surviving them until she died," she laughs. In sexh, Angela is more of a control freak who's had to do some serious thinking about her future, heavy-duty thinking to which Arvesen can relate.

Adrian OH sexy woman

What are you doing with it? You think about children and all those things," she says simply. He's been going for radiation treatments for the last seven months. He's hanging in there - he's strong.

That all kind of came together around me the same time I turned I'm more self-confi- dent. I've made some changes in my life. I'm living a healthier life now than I was three years ago.

I'm working out on a regular basis now. And I stopped drinking two years ago. Three years ago, I was fumbling in the dark trying to figure things out. DArian, I dexy a clearer direction of where I'm going with Single woman looking to get to know someone new Adrian OH sexy woman. I have dual citizenship. The time in New York was a very important part of my life.

We lived in Scarsdale and they have Adrian OH sexy woman incredible school system. Yes, then I was womwn Norway for ten years. I started working when I was sixteen. They've always been very supportive.